Zozaya warns that insecurity “is going to kill tourism in Mexico”

Zozaya warns that insecurity

Warns of the opening of competing destinations

RR | Cancun | April 23, 2022
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Álex Zozaya, a member of the World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC), has warned about the risk that prevailing insecurity in its major destinations poses to tourism in Mexico.

“What is going to kill tourism in Mexico is not the pandemic or sargassum, but insecurity,” said the former president of Apple Leisure Group (ALG) during the annual WTTC summit held in Manila, Philippines, reports Eluniversal.

In this sense, he has put on the table the threats of the largest tourist centers in Mexico both for tourists with high purchasing power and for investors.

“The tourism that pays the most is the scariest, you don’t bring it for price, and it is the best tourism that we can target, but as long as there is crime in the country, it will not go to Mexico,” said the expert.

He has also been emphatic about investments: “As an investor, I think twice about investing in Mexico, in this environment of extortion, crime, and zero support and communication with the government, without a clear strategy. We have advanced despite the sorrows, we are on a river that is circulating in our favor, but we are not paddling with a strategy or with leadership as a country”.

Likewise, it has shown that markets have already begun to open that will compete with the offer from Mexico, such as the Dominican Republic and Jamaica.

Recently, the prestigious American newspaper The Wall Street Journal published an article about the violence unleashed in the main tourist destinations of Quintana Roo, due to the sale of drugs and extortion of commercial establishments, as stated REPORTUR.mx (The Wall Street Journal criticizes the violence in the Mexican Caribbean).


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