XMas: Magical Stories, a place of hope and fun

XMas: Magical Stories, a place of hope and fun

Lacho Villanueva, Karina Romero and Ariel Rodriguez They are three Mexican creatives who have dedicated the last 20 years to the industry of creating experiences and before the start of the pandemic they immersed themselves in research about the future of immersive in Canada, the United States, Singapore and Japan.

“We realized that there is a great behavior and an arduous need of the public to belong to the digital world, there are different types of experiences, such as immersive ones through multimedia and the so-called popup windows either selfie museums. In magical stories we offer three pavilions where we have those experiences, like the ones we saw in Asia, with a mixture of different types of installations in a concept to create photographs, as well as a multi-sensory type area”, says Villanueva.

magical stories It comes after a complicated period for the world and that is why we want to offer a space that provokes smiles, joy and the emotion of sharing people’s best feelings through photographs to fill social networks with love and magical stories. to share, comment.

“We wanted to base ourselves on Christmas, since we have all been going through a very complicated time; Christmas is a time of magic, hope, illusion that goes beyond religious beliefs, it is a time in which there are different axes such as family, sharing, a spirit that changes is born in all of us, “says Villanueva.

The focus given by social networks during the pandemic was also part of the inspiration for creatives, since in addition to an exponential growth in social awareness, deeper ties were created with those who were far away.

The experience is made up of more than 40 places to drink myselfincluding iconic Christmas elements, immersive areas that provide the sensation of jumping through outer space or sliding through the stars, plus a makeover station; Similarly, there is a cafeteria with snacks related to the Christmas season and a store with a wide variety of gifts.

The five key zones within magical stories son: christmas museumwhere visitors can explore a unique environment through artistic spaces and installations; christmas towna place full of colorful installations for the stimulation of good energy and good wishes; christmas slidea slide for children and adults where reactions of happiness occur; christmas space jumpa jumper that gives the sensation of floating in outer space, and christmas lab, space where children can perform experiments.

“We invite you to build a positive narrative on social networks and make each photo a postcard of good wishes this Christmas,” says Villanueva.

magical stories is the first museum of selfies theme in Mexico, an area of ​​opportunity around Christmas, family unity and the nostalgia of being children again, which is presented until January 9, 2022 from Monday to Sunday at the Encuentro Fortuna Shopping Center, on Avenida Fortuna 334 , Magdalena de las Salinas colony. The tour lasts one hour and 15 minutes. For more reports: www.magichistories.com


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