World Series champion Jonny Gomes catches Grand Slam from Trevor Story

World Series champion Jonny Gomes catches Grand Slam from Trevor Story

The moment when the former Boston player caught a home run sent over the “Green Monster” immediately went viral and fans in the stadium expressed their delight to see who caught the ball.

For Boston Red Sox There are not many positive things that have happened to start the 2022 campaign. The team remains with a negative record and far from competition while trying to avoid returning to the basement of the Eastern division of the american leaguealthough the month of May has been more benign with the whole than it was the first month of the campaign.

However, baseball has some very nice ways of giving players, coaches, and fans moments (in stadiums and watching game broadcasts) to remind everyone that, despite the rough patches, it’s still a fun sport.

One of those moments went viral on Friday night in the game between the red stockings Y Seattle Mariners during the bottom of the third inning. With the bases loaded, the new acquisition of Boston, Trevor’s storyhe hit his fourth home run in two days to put the home team ahead. As the ball moved away, pointing towards the “green monster”, you could see two fans waiting for it to arrive to catch it and finally, when the ball came out, the one who caught it was none other than one of the favorite players of the most recent Red Sox fandom, jonny gomes.

jonny gomes was one of the vital pieces for the red stockings will win the championship Big leagues in 2013. His long and unkempt beard (as well as that of all the members of that team) is well remembered by the grounds of Boston and the player could be considered a kind of local legend for those who lived through that championship.

Immediately upon noticing, fans began to point out that whoever caught the ball from the “grand slam” from History It was gums and several accounts shared the video celebrating the home run.

Even, Jared Carrabisone of the best known internet personalities in relation to red stockingsshared a text conversation he had with gums in which he confirmed that he had captured the ball.

There is no doubt that the moment was appreciated by those who watched the game in fenway parkwhat was proven with the deafening cries of euphoria of those present.

gums had a 13-year MLB career before retiring in 2015. He played alongside Boston Red Sox a total of 194 games (2013 and 2014) where he batted .242 with an OPS of .736, 19 home runs and 84 RBIs. However, he was responsible for one of the most memorable home runs in recent franchise memory during the 2013 World Series.


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