Williams won’t fire Latifi mid-season

Williams won't fire Latifi mid-season

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Money is slowly becoming less of an issue at Williams. Since Dorilton Capital was awarded the rights to the legendary British team in 2020, the team has had greater financial resources to develop its single-seaters. Now it would only be necessary to improve the pair of pilots. A possibility that, for the moment, Jost Capito rejects.

Latifi will stay until Abu Dhabi, then we will see

At least, that’s what your boss has indicated. Capito trusts in Nicholas’s improvementwho has finally had a quiet weekend at the fifth attempt in 2022, although he continued to lack speed in Miami.

In short, Alexander Albon is outshining him, despite being the latest addition to the English squad. Despite this, the rumors about a sudden departure of Nick are not contemplated by the Main Team Williams: “We have a contract with both drivers and we respect them. Latifi was only slightly slower than Albon Saturday. He needs more time to get used to the car, but he has our full support and we will not try to change our driver line-up during the course of the season.”, Capito confirmed to SPORT1.

Clarified the situation, the Canadian will remain in Formula 1, at least, until the end of the current season. Nicholas has his seat guaranteed at short notice. But in the long term? According to former F1 driver Ralf Schumacher, Williams’ biggest shareholder wants two strong drivers in the team. Albon is not in danger, since he is fully complying. But Latifi has three consecutive seasons in the Big Circus and, without a doubt, his third year is being the worst.

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Latifi’s opportunities are running out

If the 26-year-old doesn’t improve, there are several candidates knocking on the door. The strongest, that of Oscar Piastri, who adds all the ballots to replace poor Nicholas. Nyck de Vries has also sounded, although the current Formula E champion has distanced himself from any rumor, since he himself has not received calls from Williams this year, supposedly.

Albon has scored points in two of the first five races of the season and is winning 4-1 to Latifi in qualifying. Precisely, the Williams duo also shared the DAMS garage during their time in Formula 2 in 2018, a season in which the Thai ended up doubling his teammate’s points.

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