Why Dortmund choose Adeyemi to replace Haaland

El jugador del Salzburgo Karim Adeyemi celebra un gol durante un partido de Champions League.

Erling Haaland’s departure to Manchester City left a difficult gap to replace at Borussia Dortmund. However, the black and yellow club is used to palliating absences, to taking over young footballers for whom several European clubs end up being interested after passing through their ranks. For this reason, shortly after confirming the departure of the Norwegian, the German team made the arrival of Karim Adeyemi from Salzburg official. He will pay 30 million plus variables for the 20-year-old striker, but in exchange he receives the best player in the Austrian league, with a record of almost one goal (0.94) per game; the fifth footballer under 25 years of age who generates the most value per game in Europe. The fourth is Norwegian, according to Olocip.

Substituting a player of Haaland’s talent and projection was not an easy task, but the still striker of Salzburg is the highest-level striker under 21 years of age most similar to the Norwegian, according to artificial intelligence. In addition, their records are similar. Adeyemi generates 0.61 value per game, compared to 0.65 for City’s new signing, who averages one goal per game, while the German produces 0.94.

Karim Adeyemi is the striker under the age of 21 most similar to Haaland.

Some data that has improved especially in the last month, although this year has been the one of its explosion. If this season he is the player who contributes the most value in the Austrian league, last year he was the sixtieth, creating 0.43 value per 90 minutes, compared to the 0.61 already mentioned this year. In total, Adeyemi contributes to generating a goal every 1,470 minutes for his team. Its market value has gone from 26.1 million euros to 61.4 this year.

Although his characteristics are different from those of Haaland, his data shows that his performance is similar to that of the Norwegian. Plus, he’s used to taking his chances. The young striker has already made his debut with the German national team, where 48 minutes (spread over three qualifying matches for the World Cup in Qatar) have served him to score a goal and provide an assist.

Shield/Flag B. Dortmund

With 23 goals and eight assists in the 42 games he has played this season, Adeyemi has quite a challenge ahead of him for next season. Although, from his statements, he knows the team and what his work is: “When I was young, I was fascinated by the speed football of the black and yellow. I have also deliberately signed long-term because I am convinced that we will be an exciting team that will be able to compete and win titles. in the medium term”.

Evolution of the total value of Karim Adeyemi during his career.


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