Who is the body that appears in the trailer for Thor: Love and Thunder?

Who is the body that appears in the trailer for Thor: Love and Thunder?

One of the most impressive images from the trailer for Thor: Love and Thunder it is that of a huge dead beast. The God of Thunder and Korg watch her. The next shot shows the protagonist of the film with an affected countenance, it could be interpreted as a surprised and saddened face. The corpse that Thor sees is that of someone he knew at another time.

Is about Falligar the Behemoth, a character who is perhaps not as recognized in terms of iconic references in Marvel comics. But this represents part of the relationship that the God of Thunder has with different beings through space. That is why, seeing him dead, the God of Thunder experiences a key shock in Thor: Love and Thunder.

Thor finds himself going through an existential crisis, torn between laying down his arms or continuing to serve as a universal superhero. Thor: Love and Thunder will feature Gorr The Butcher God, played by Christian Bale, as the villain. The relationship between the three mentioned characters arises because Falligar the Behemoth will be one of Gorr’s victims, as it happens in the comics.

Thor: Love and Thunder
and the story of Falligar the Behemoth

Falligar the Behemoth appeared within the comics in Thor: God of Thunder #3, published in December 2012, under the authorship of Jason Aaron Y Esad Ribic. This character, within the comics, is known as the Patron God of the Galactic Frontier and as the God Champion of the Tournament of the Immortals. He is recognized by his immense figure, at times evoking the image of a giant and intimidating dog.

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The relationship between Falligar the Behemoth and Thor was developed between the different space trips of one and the other in which they coincided. This story gets complicated when Falligar disappears without any explanation involved. With no trace of him, his name was taken to the Omnipotence City Hall of the Lost. The mystery is solved when the God of Thunder discovers that Falligar’s corpse is found on his shores, while he is worshiped by his parishioners, after Gorr The Butcher God assassinated him.

That moment is the one that is recreated in Thor: Love and Thunder. To do this, the adaptation of the Marvel Cinematic Universe traced one of the pictures presented in the comics:

Thor: Love and Thunder It is the fourth film of the character within this narrative universe, which also includes the different Marvel series that can be seen through the Disney Plus platform. The premiere of this film is scheduled for July 7, 2022.


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