Which countries require travel insurance for tourists? | The traveler

 Which countries require travel insurance for tourists?  |  The traveler

The pandemic has caused an increase in the number of countries that require their visitors to have previously contracted travel insurance to enter their territory. “We find that many ask the insurer to certify on one or two pages, and in English, that, in fact, the traveler has contracted a policy with it, and that it specifically covers any eventuality related to covid 19”, observes Carlos Nadal, director of the Insurance Business of the comprehensive assistance specialist Iris Global. With his help, we review the situation around the world, something to keep in mind for the summer season. Before getting into the matter, you should know that up-to-date information on the entry requirements for all countries can be found on the website of the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Without insurance you do not enter

Since May 1, 2010, to enter Cuba as a visitor it is an essential requirement to have insurance; The island’s medical services are free for its citizens, but not for foreigners, and, although they are of “acceptable” quality, according to the website of the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, prices are not cheap. This requirement is also requested by Jordan. In countries like Cambodia, those not vaccinated with the full schedule are required to take out covid insurance.

In Malaysia, Israel either Mauricio You can only enter with a health insurance with coverage in case of coronavirus. The requirements are similar Argentina and in boliviawhere Iris Global refers to official sources to insist on the importance of travel insurance if high mountain activities are planned. “The medical authorities do not intervene if they do not have a guarantee of payment,” says Carlos Nadal.

“There are countries that, in addition to medical insurance, require that it have a minimum capital; it is a fundamental variable”, specifies this expert. In Sri Lanka all international travelers must contract it with coverage of at least 50,000 dollars (about 46,600 euros at the current exchange rate), including hospitalization expenses for coronavirus; it is mandatory that it also covers 14 additional days to the total planned duration of the trip. In Singapore They must have specific covid coverage of up to 30,000 dollars (about 28,000 euros), in anticipation of a possible hospitalization. Thailand apply for health insurance with a minimum policy worth $20,000 (18,600 euros); It must be contracted in English and cover the entire trip, in addition to specifically mentioning that it includes covid expenses.

Not mandatory, but recommended

Within Europe there are countries where it is especially convenient to obtain travel insurance, according to the respective Spanish embassies. In case of being positive or being in direct contact with coronavirus positives, in Turkey “quarantine processes are started that range from 7 to 14 days and must be paid by the affected person,” they report. In Albania it is important, especially if you are going to do alpine sports. And it is better to go with medical and travel insurance if you are heading to the United Kingdomwhich is no longer a member of the EU. In SwedenWithout an agreement with Spain to offer reciprocal health care to its citizens, those who have the European Health Card (free) must pay for essential treatments, although they will benefit from a reduced rate. “The average cost of a simple query is 240 euros”, remember from Iris Global.

Costa Rica eliminated on April 1 the obligation to enter with medical insurance with covid coverage, but the country’s authorities maintain the recommendation to do so, since private health and hospital costs are very expensive, and there is no agreement with Social Security Spanish. Something similar happens in Canada, Japan, Korea, New Zealand, USA, Colombia, Mexico either Brazilamong others.

“The Spanish have an insurance culture that is inferior to that of the Anglo-Saxon,” says Nadal, who believes that, although it is true that in many branches of insurance it is already approaching it, specifically in travel it is still far away. Or it was before the pandemic. “Now there is a greater perception of the need to travel insured. The big question is how long this trend will last. I imagine that it will go down over time, but that something will remain, ”he says.

When it is best to repatriate

Basic or directly deficient hospital care and exorbitant health costs are the two reasons why the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs advises travelers to carry medical insurance that includes evacuation to Spain, if necessary, when visiting territories What belize, To go, Ghana, Mauritania either Vietnam.

The same recommendation applies to Algeriawhere Foreign Affairs encourages to expand the insurance (which is mandatory) with more medical coverage, among others, repatriation by medicalized plane. And to Jamaica, where the very expensive medical services have to be paid for in cash and immediately. In Porcelain You have to pay in advance for health care, which is not usually exactly cheap either. In Moroccorepatriation can be very expensive despite the geographical proximity.

“If the destination is the Dominican Republic, the country’s official website places special emphasis on repatriation: public assistance is ineffective and private assistance can be expensive,” says the insurer, who emphasizes that the policy includes medicalized evacuation to Europe when destiny is Cape Verde“Because in some cases the transfer occurs to nearby African countries.”

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