Where to watch the best 5 Robert Pattinson movies

Where to watch the best 5 Robert Pattinson movies

Robert Pattinson He began his career during his adolescence as a British model in several children’s brands, but when he reached puberty, the young man who today is in a relationship with Suki Waterhouse, he began having trouble getting new jobs, so he decided to pursue acting.

Pattinson made his film debut with Vanity Fair (2004), and quickly gained fame playing the character of Cedric Diggory in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire in 2005. After playing the handsome young wizard, the actor gained further popularity when he played an even paler character, Edward Cullen, in the films twilight (Twilight). The saga, whose films from beginning to end are available on Netflix for Spain and Latin America, was a success at the box office… although it was widely repudiated by critics.



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