Where are the most affordable tourist rentals in Spain for this summer?

Where are the most affordable tourist rentals in Spain for this summer?

Surely you are already planning your summer getaways and, seeing this year’s trend, it is very likely that you will travel to Spain. Locating tourist accommodation that, in addition to being appetizing, does not go down in price, is not always easy, compared to the mob of platforms, information, websites, etc., that propose offers.

From Holidu, a platform that compares the offers of more than 15 million vacation homes, they wanted to make it a little easier for us, analyzing in which areas of Spain the tourist accommodation is at the best price. “Within the data collected, a significantly higher occupation stands out for this year: already in May 2022, it is possible to see that 74% of Spanish vacation rentals are booked”, explain those responsible for the study.

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Prices vary a lot by region

A vacation rental in our country costs around 180 euros per night on average, “however, if prices are analyzed in detail, they vary considerably depending on the region,” they explain from Holidu.

In Spain, the most expensive destinations are distributed from north to south, in addition to including the popular islands and coastal areas: the Balearic Islands are in the lead with an average price of 331 euros, followed by Basque Country that reaches 300 euros and in third place Catalonia with a cost of 207 euros.

Somewhat cheaper is Andalucía for 177 euros and Comunidad Valenciana for 176 euros. A holiday home in the Community of Madrid costs 150 euros and in Asturias the tourist can pay 147 euros. The other regions offer varied prices: Murcia (139 euros), Aragón and Galicia (136 euros), Navarra and Castilla la Mancha (131 euros), La Rioja (127 euros) and Castilla y León (124 euros).

Artenara, in the Canary Islands

Extremadura and the Canary Islands offer some of the best prices for popular destinations, with an average of 119 and 117 euros, respectively. “With abundant nature reserves and sandy beaches to choose from, these regions are especially recommended for families looking for a more affordable stay,” say the study’s experts.

What if I go to the coast?

The coast has something for all tastes. Within the most affordable vacation rentals, the Canary Islands occupies the number one position (as we have already said), in second place, the Costa de Almería for 138 euros, followed by the Costa de Galicia 140 euros, Costa Cálida 145 euros and in fifth place the Costa Verde for 155 euros.

If you are willing to pay a little more when booking, destinations such as the Basque Coast (439 euros), the Balearic Islands (331 euros) and the Costa del Garraf (247 euros) continue to be an attractive destination for summer holidays. … but not for all budgets.


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