What’s New from VTech Baby: Fun and Learning for Kids


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Intercompany Drafting03/04/2022

VTech, a leading company in the educational electronic toys sector, presents the latest developments in its VTech Baby line aimed at the little ones in the house.


VTech Baby presents its latest news.

Like every year, VTech presents its new line of toys for the smallest of the house, aimed at boys and girls between 3 months and 5 years. VTech Baby’s new toys are specially designed to have fun and learn at the same time.

Hedgehog baby Songs and sensations

Recommended from 3 months, it is made up of different textures and colors that will stimulate babies’ senses. In addition, the back of this interactive hedgehog has a soft touch to encourage fine motor skills and by rolling it, different sounds and songs will be played that will animate the game.


Hedgehog baby Songs and sensations.

Mirror for baby Leo reflections

It is recommended from 9 months and fulfills the double function of rattle and mirror. During the game, a lion magically appears to sing fun songs and accompany the baby during its development, and it has an ergonomic design that adapts to the hands of the little ones.


Mirror for baby Leo reflections.

first songs

It is an interactive book for boys and girls from 6 months. With it, the little ones can learn popular songs, musical instruments, colors and much more in an interactive way. With its lights and sounds, babies will have a great time while they learn.


First songs.

Sira, the interactive dog

For those who don’t have it yet, we remember one of the best-selling toys of 2021. This interactive stuffed animal, which received the 2020 Best Toy Award in the Early Childhood and Preschool category from the Spanish Association of Toy Manufacturers, is perfect for young children. from one year Sira encourages conversation by repeating everything the little ones say in a playful way. In addition, they can create stories with their own voice or that of their parents.


Sira, the interactive dog.

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