What you need to know to enter Chile temporarily

Chile reabre hoy sus fronteras después de un año

Chile reopens its borders today after a year
EFE / Jose Caviedes

Last February, the Immigration and Immigration Law came into force in Chile, which establishes that foreigners who wish to enter the country without intending to reside there and whose stay does not exceed 90 days must request prior authorization at the Chilean consulate in Chile. his country.

The Chilean National Migration Service explained this Monday in Twitter that the person does not require a Visa to enter and stay in Chile, if he does so as a holder of Temporary Permanence.

The countries that need prior authorization are Venezuela, Cuba, the Dominican Republic, Dominica, among others.

In the case of Venezuelans, the cost of the permanence visa fees is 50 dollars, while for Cuba and the Dominican Republic, 15 and 10 dollars, respectively.

Validity of up to 10 years

The temporary residence permit does not allow paid activities, except in exceptional cases, authorized by the National Migration Service, in the case of specific and sporadic activities.

Holders of a Temporary Stay permit who are in the country will also not be able to apply for a residence permit.

In addition, the transitory stay visa can be valid for up to 10 years. When granting, the number of admissions allowed will be indicated.

If these are not indicated, it will be understood that an unlimited number of entries are authorized during the validity period of the visa. The foregoing is in the process of being adapted,” explains the Chilean consular services website.

Requirements for the Temporary Stay Visa:

Venezuelans who opt for the transitory stay visa must submit a visa application to the SAC Ciudadanos de Chile system and attach the following requirements, as detailed on the Consular Services website of this country:

  1. SAC form: Complete the form in SAC Ciudadanos indicating the reason for the trip.
  2. Photograph: color photograph, 5 × 5 cm, passport size, with white background, whose full face and front face are 3/4 of the photograph.
  3. Passport: Passport personalization sheet. In the case of Venezuelans, passports issued before 2013, with or without extension, are not recognized as valid by the Chilean State.
  4. Economic Accreditation: Documents that prove their own economic means, that allow their permanence in Chile, during the period of validity of their permit, as well as that of the people subject to their dependency that accompany them.
  5. Hotel/Lodging reservation that can be verified.
  6. Accreditation of the place where the applicant is located in case of making his request in a consulate of a country other than that of his nationality.
  7. Do not have entry prohibitions to Chile, in accordance with Chilean immigration regulations.

Minors must travel with their legal representatives and otherwise they must have written authorization from one of them, the court or the competent authority, as appropriate and must be legalized before the Chilean consular authority in the country of origin, or accompanied by the corresponding apostille certificate, or be a document recognized as valid by the Chilean border control authorities, by virtue of the international agreements signed by Chile and that are in force.

Subcategories of Temporary Permanence

  • Foreigners living in border areas

The conditions for granting this Temporary Permanence permit are those established in the bilateral agreements mentioned in article 54 of Law No. 21,325, and in accordance with the rules indicated in articles 55 and 56 of the same legal body. .

  • Permit in case of conditional entry

In those cases in which the conditional entry of foreigners who do not meet the requirements set forth in Law No. 21,325 and its regulations is exceptionally allowed, the controlling authority, together with registering such circumstance in the National Registry of Foreigners, will issue a Temporary Stay permit. , which will be understood to be in force solely and exclusively in relation to the time that is strictly necessary to overcome the factual situation that has given rise to it.

However, the extension of this permit in no case may exceed 90 calendar days, without prejudice to the possibility of extending such term by application of the provisions of articles 75 and 76 of the regulations of Law No. 21,325.

  • Official residents who process their missions

In the case of official residents who are natives of States that do not require prior authorization or a visa, the electronic system of the National Immigration Service, after verifying the status of official resident, will grant the permit regulated in this document without further ado. pulled apart.

On the other hand, regarding those official residents who are nationals of countries to which the State of Chile requires prior authorization or a visa to remain as holder of Temporary Permanence, the request must be made under the conditions provided in article 27 of Law No. 21,325.

In those cases in which the interested party makes his request without having left the national territory at the end of his official residence, he may request the visa or prior authorization from the General Directorate of Consular Affairs of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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