What to see HBO Max: an intense ‘thriller’ of action and espionage with Leonardo DiCaprio and Russell Crowe – Movie News

What to see HBO Max: an intense 'thriller' of action and espionage with Leonardo DiCaprio and Russell Crowe - Movie News

The two superstars lead this electric film by Ridley Scott. An infallible proposal that is available on WarnerMedia’s streaming platform.

Y powerful, intense thriller, full of intrigue and convoluted espionage networksthat recounts international conflicts, with two of the biggest stars of today’s cinema and one of the best directors. This is Web of Lies, Ridley Scott’s film starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Russell Crowe, which is one of the best earthly action proposals that we can see on the HBO Max platform.

Scott adapts for Warner Bros this adaptation of the novel by David Ignatius of the same name that was giving what to talk about to be taken to the cinema. DiCaprio was one of the first to join, since the actor made a great effort given the political nature of the novel, which was an opportunity to inter`challenge a suspense classic in the style of The Three Days of the Condor or The Last Witness. Crowe, a regular collaborator of the director in films like Gladiator or American Gangster, joined without too much hesitation.

DiCaprio plays here Roger Ferris, one of the top CIA agents, the golden boy of intelligence agencies. He is sent to the Middle East under the command of his bosses, with the intention of finding and arresting one of the leaders of Al Qaeda. He has the help of Ed Hoffman, played by Crowe, who gives him instructions from home to enter a murky world from which he will not easily escape.

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Ridley’s entry into the world of international espionage, far from making a luxurious approach to Bond, gets into the bowels of hyper-surveillance and conflict in the Middle East. His frenetic and anxious approach is very reminiscent of his brother’s films Tony Scottas if he directed it and they put the wrong names on the poster.

Russell Crowe and Leonardo DiCaprio in ‘Web of Lies’

However, this is a very Ridley Scott, not only for his magnificent efficiency when shooting and narrating, which when he makes an appearance makes any film infallible. It connects, though it may seem impossible, with his epic film Kingdom of Heaven in how he chooses to put the focus on the conflict between the West and the Middle East, only instead of swords and crosses we have “sophisticated” surveillance techniques and terrorism. Scott also plays with how all the technology used in espionage has dehumanized the fight against Islamic terrorism.

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It does all of this while still doing a suspense hilarious, with action shot with a steady hand and that never bores throughout its two hours of duration. It also works tremendously thanks to the commitment of its actors, who know exactly what to give the film. DiCaprio seems especially committed to the project, for which he agreed to dye his hair and wear brown contact lenses to hide his striking features and give his character a more conventional air.

web of lies it was released quite conspicuously, although it failed to be a complete commercial success. In the United States, it fell short of its 67 million budget, something that was attributed to the controversial approach to the war against terrorism. However, not only was it better than other films of the time with a similar theme, but time has also established it as one of Ridley Scott’s most effective films. For that alone, it’s worth picking it up.

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