What is played on the weekend in the main leagues in Europe?

What is played on the weekend in the main leagues in Europe?

This weekend ends the 2021/22 season in the main leagues of the Old Continent -the Bundesliga ended last week- and all the championships have things to define, from the title, European positions or the clubs that will be relegated.

ESPNDigital shares with you what will be played in Europe on the last day of the campaign:

The champion of England will be defined on Sunday. Manchester City and Liverpool are the only clubs fighting for the crown and the squad managed by Pep Guardiola is the FiveThirtyEight Soccer Power Index favorite to win the title with an 82% chance. The Reds (89) and Citizens (90) are separated by only one point, so both clubs must seek victory on the last day of the Premier.

Town will be measured at home Aston-Villa from Steven GerrardLiverpool legend. For its part, the Anfield team will receive a visit from the Wolves from the Mexican Raul Jimenez. Man City would secure the title with a win or a draw (in the latter case they need the defeat of the Reds), while Liverpool need to win and hope that the players of Guardiola stumble on the final date of the championship. If Town and Reds lose, the title would go to Manchester.

Besides, Manchester City, Liverpool and Chelsea have their places secured for the next edition of the Champions League. Tottenham and Arsenal They will fight on the last day for the last available ticket and the Spurs have a 96% chance of winning it, according to SPI.

The ‘Gunners’ are sure of their place in the Europa League, a competition in which manchester united looking to stamp your ticket on the last date. For its part, western ham will be the representative of the Prime Minister on the conference leaguealthough he still has a chance of qualifying for the European Leaguebut he needs the Red Devils to lose against him Crystal Palace.

In the descent category, Watford and Norwich will play in the English Second Division next season and Burnley could join them, however, they can still avoid it, but they need to earn their commitment and hope that Leeds or Everton draw or lose their last match. According to the Soccer Power Index, Leeds United is the club with the best chance of relegation with 60%, while the Burnley has 31% and Everton boasts of 9%.

The Spanish championship has defined its champion (Real Madrid) and also its representatives in the Champions League (Real Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Atletico Madrid and Seville). The squares of European League they are for him Betis and the Real society, while the ticket for the conference league it would be for him Villarrealbut Athletic could “steal it” on the last day.

The only issue to be resolved in the 2021/22 season of The league it is the third team that will lose the category. I raised Y Alaves will play in the Second Division while Cadiz, Granada and Majorca from the Mexican Javier Aguirre looking to avoid relegation.

Soccer Power Index places the Cadiz as the main candidate to descend with 46% probability, Majorca has a 44%. the vermilion of aguirre depend on themselves to ensure their permanence and a victory against the Health would save them from relegation. Cadiz could remain in the First Division although the Majorca I win, but it would depend on what Grenade lose against him Spanish. Y Majorca Y Grenade they win on sunday, Cadiz will descend.

This weekend the champion will be defined in Italy and the AC Milan He is the maximum favorite to raise the ‘Scudetto’ with 85% of possibilities, according to the SPI of FiveThirtyEight. The Rossoneri team has 83 points at the top of the table and a win against Sassuolo would give them the title. For its part, Inter de Milanwith 81 units, he still aspires to the championship and is bound to beat sampdoria then wait for a defeat AC Milan.

In the fight for European positions, AC Milan, Inter Milan, Napoli and Juventus they will play the Champions Leaguewhile the straight has a sure place in the next edition of the European Leaguecompetition to which they still aspire to qualify Rome, Fiorentina and Atalanta.

On the descent issue, Genoa and Venice they won’t be in the A league the next campaign and Cagliari Y salerno will define the third team that will descend on Sunday.

The psg champion of France was crowned and on Saturday the Gallic clubs that participate in European competitions will be defined.

Monaco and Marseille seek to qualify directly to the group stage of the Champions Leaguebut one of the two will have to fight for his ticket through a play-off. Rennes, Racing and Nice will define on the last day the representatives of the league 1 on the Europa League and Conference.

The descent is not yet defined, although for the Bordeaux it is almost impossible to avoid the descent. Saint-Etienne and Metz They will fight on Saturday to define which team will be relegated directly and who will seek to maintain the category in a relegation playoff.


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