What are the airlines to travel from Venezuela to Spain?

What are the airlines to travel from Venezuela to Spain?

  • Madrid and Tenerife are the cities that can be reached by direct flight from Caracas

With the lifting of restrictions related to the pandemic, Spain has become a viable option for Venezuelans who want to travel without the need to process a visa. For entry, it is necessary to have a round trip ticket, where the stay in the European country is defined.

Currently, in Venezuela there are several airlines that are flying to the European country:


The Plus Ultra airline is authorized by the Venezuelan authorities to cover the direct route between Caracas-Madrid-Caracas on a weekly basis and Caracas-Tenerife-Caracas on a fortnightly basis, according to information from the Venezuelan Embassy in Spain.

Flights from Madrid to Caracas depart on Saturdays, and flights from Caracas to Madrid depart on Sundays.

The route between Caracas and Tenerife also departs from Caracas on Saturdays and from Tenerife on Sundays. It is important to be attentive to the frequency update.

Turkey Airlines

Currently you can travel from Venezuela to Spain through Turkish Airlines, making a stopover first in Istanbul. The frequency is three flights a week. If the company increases to five flights per week, Caracas will be the Latin American destination with the largest Turkish offer to and from Istanbul.


The state-owned Conviasa offers non-scheduled flights to Madrid from the Simón Bolívar International Airport in Maiquetía, with an estimated fare of $1,100.

Immigration requirements to travel to Spain

For immigration officials in Spain, it is important that there is justification for the stay in the country, this can be through a hotel reservation or an invitation letter. As for the hotel, it is important to present a paid reservation for the days that you will stay in the territory.

If the plan is to visit a friend or family member, you must have an invitation letter, preferably an original. For this letter, the friend or family member must go to the local police with the requirements established for the request and send the original letter by the day of the trip.

In addition, the authorities require financial means for the stay. To travel to Spain it is necessary to have 96.5 euros per day of stay, with a minimum of 868.5 euros if the trip does not last more than 9 days.

Vaccines against covid-19

Venezuelans can travel to Spain only if they have the complete vaccination schedule with a vaccine approved by the European Medicines Agency or by the World Health Organization (Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca, Janssen, Sinopharm, Sinovac and Serum).

The Sputnik V vaccine is currently not valid for travel because it has not yet been authorized by either of the two aforementioned entities.

The complete regimen includes 14 days after receiving the last dose. Companions under the age of 12 are exempt.

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-Vaccination certificate: these must include, at least, the name and surname of the holder; vaccination date; type of vaccine; number of dose or complete regimen; issuing country; identification of the issuing body of the certificate.

–All travelers will prove compliance with the requirements by means of a responsible declaration through the SpTH (Spain Travel Health) application.

This form must be filled out and the QR code obtained before the trip. This requirement applies to all travelers age 12 and older, with no exceptions.


To enter Spain it is essential to have a valid passport, which is valid for at least three months after the expected date of departure from the Schengen territory and an issue date of no more than 10 years.

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In other European countries, they require a validity of six months regarding the expiration of the passport, so if you want to travel to another European country, you must take this condition into account.

ETIAS permit application

To travel to Spain from Venezuela, it will be necessary to process the ETIAS travel permit through an online form. However, the authority has not specified the exact date for its implementation, but it is estimated to be by the end of 2022.

ETIAS will be a new travel authorization for citizens of countries that are currently exempt from processing a visa to travel to the Schengen Area. This application process to visit 26 European countries has been created with the intention of being a simple and fast procedure for the interested party.

That is why it is estimated that the application form can be completed in about 10 minutes (it will depend on the agility of the user).

Indispensable to process the ETIAS. The applicant must have a valid and current passport, which will be the only official document required to complete the form.

At the same time, it is sought that the information be verified in an automated way and that the traveler can obtain their ETIAS in just minutes (in most cases).

When the ETIAS registration process has been completed, submitted and approved, the traveler will obtain their travel authorization. This permit will be valid for three consecutive years, in which you can travel to any of the countries of the Schengen Area for a maximum of 90 days in a row.

This system aims to process around 30 million annual applications; at the same time as speeding up the process of entering Europe as much as possible.

What does the interested party need when answering the form?

-Valid passport

-Email account

-Credit or debit card

When processing the ETIAS travel authorization, the applicant must complete the form and provide the following personal information:

-Full name

-Date and place of birth

-Current address

-Passport details: number, expiration date, country of issue, etc.

Finally, once the personal details have been provided, a series of health and safety questions must be answered:

-Drug’s use

-Criminal history


-Employment history

-Information on previous trips to Europe

-General security information

-Trips to conflict zones

-Human Trafficking

They warn that providing erroneous or false information during the application for the ETIAS visa waiver could mean the denial of the permit and also of entry to the countries of the Schengen Zone.

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