What are the 20 most sought after destinations to travel by Argentines?

What are the 20 most sought after destinations to travel by Argentines?

Google shared what dTourist destinations are looking for Argentines to travel between June and August of this 2022while the world returns to a habit similar to the pre-pandemic of covid-19.

Destiny most popular this year is Madrid, Spain. It should be noted that it is not the only Spanish city that appears in the ranking, since Barcelona appears in third place.

From the United States, the most sought after was Miami (7th place) and New York in 12th place. Fort Lauderdale is the last destination that appears in the North American country in position 13.

Meanwhile, of Argentina are seven places chosen. In that sense, Bariloche is the most wanted occupying the number 2 position in the ranking, while Buenos Aires occupies the fourth place.

According to INDEC, the numbers of international tourism in the country are still very low

Complete ranking of search interest in tourist destinations by Argentines

  1. Madrid Spain)

  2. San Carlos Bariloche (Argentina)

  3. Barcelona, ​​Spain)

  4. Buenos Aires, Argentina)

  5. Cancun, Mexico)

  6. Rome Italy)

  7. Miami (United States)

  8. Rio de Janeiro Brazil)

  9. Punta Cana (Dominican Republic)

  10. Ushuaia (Argentina)

  11. Mendoza Argentina)

  12. New York, USA)

  13. Fort Lauderdale (United States)

  14. Paris France)

  15. Salta (Argentina)

  16. Santiago de Chile (Chile)

  17. London (Great Britain)

  18. São Paulo (Brazil)

  19. Cordoba Argentina)

  20. Iguazu (Argentina)

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Google also reported what were the trending destinations during the same period in 2021 and there are some changes, mainly in the order of the most wanted.

Miami, for example, led the first place, while Bariloche did not appear on the podium. Also, there were only three european destinations: Madrid, Barcelona Y Rome.

  1. Miami (United States)

  2. Buenos Aires, Argentina)

  3. Fort Lauderdale (United States)

  4. San Carlos Bariloche (Argentina)

  5. Madrid Spain)

  6. New York, USA)

  7. Ushuaia (Argentina)

  8. Barcelona, ​​Spain)

  9. Mendoza Argentina)

  10. Cancun, Mexico)

  11. Cordoba Argentina)

  12. Salta (Argentina)

  13. Los Angeles United States)

  14. Mexico City (Mexico)

  15. Orlando (United States)

  16. Asuncion, Paraguay)

  17. Santiago de Chile (Chile)

  18. Rome Italy)

  19. São Paulo (Brazil)

  20. Neuquen (Argentina)


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