What are 5G networks for?

redes 5G

The 5G network it is not just a new generation of mobile networks, “it is the transformation of the world as we know it”, according to Ericsson, a Swedish telecommunications company that has become one of the great enablers of 5G networks globally.

In this sense, Ericsson points out in his study “this is 5G” that the new network is not only a tool to transmit more data in less time, but also opens up a range of possibilities for the internet of things (IoT).

This trend consists of connecting devices of various types to each other and to the Internet to achieve real-time services, such as the management of smart cities, connected houses and telemedicine platforms, just to mention a few examples.

“The 5G will offer the unique opportunity to accelerate the digital transformation at least 10 industriesamong which the energy, manufacturing, security, retail sales, financial services, automotive, media and entertainment, public transportation, agriculture and health sectors stand out,” reports ericsson in his studio.

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For its part, the Federal Institute of Telecommunications published the study “Vision and prospects for 5G connectivity”, in which he considers that fifth generation networks will allow millions of devices to have the possibility of being connected at the same time in densely populated areas, in addition to the ability to maintain high data transfer rates.

Likewise, the IFT points out that these networks will have the capacity for the entire range of devices of fifth generation can be connected to each other, turning the mobile telecommunications ecosystem into a world that will be “everything connected”.

The networks 5G will allow to connect 100 times more devices to each network, which will enable the mass Internet of things, with the possibility of having up to a million connected devices per square kilometer.

In this sense, the government agency indicates that it is forecast that the 5G connectivity translates into the generation of around 22 million jobs globally by 2035. In that period, the global economic value in all industries affected by 5G would reach 13 billion dollars.

For its part, the provider of information technology infrastructure, communications and smart devices, Huawei maintains that the Internet of things is going to increase exponentially, thanks to the implementation of 5G networks.

This Chinese company expects that by the year 2025 there will be about 100 billion connected objects to the new network. “The arrival of 5G will be the next revolution in society, since it will include not only people but also companies and objects connected to other objects, which will give way to new emerging technologies, such as artificial intelligencecloud, big data, which will enhance digital transformation”, says the firm.

It should be noted that, while this new technology is currently in an early phase of implementation, the main players agree that 5G is not just a necessity, but a great bet for the future.

autonomous cars

With the Web 5Gthe car of the future will not only be autonomous in terms of driving, but will also be a mobile IoT device that senses its local environment and communicates with Internet-based platforms. cloud.

Thus, the vehicle It will be loaded with sensors, with dedicated communication systems in broad areas such as: vehicle location, driver behaviour, engine diagnostics and vehicle activity, the surrounding environment and vehicle occupants.

An example of these automotive projects is microsoft, a major player in this market with its Microsoft Connected Vehicle Platform (MCVP), which integrates IoT, security, and connectivity technology into a cloud-based solution. In this way, it connects cars with various mobility services. Another example is the renowned brand of electric cars Tesla.

Most automakers are already testing automated vehicles, adopting 5G in their design. Thus, drivers will be informed about road and traffic conditions, resulting in improved data flow and fewer accidents. Passengers will also have access to better information and entertainment systems.

Smart Future: 5G Cities

With the arrival of 5G connectivity will lead to the development of the cities of the future. The technologyrenewable energies and the direct connection between citizens and institutions, among other aspects, will be the norm for smart cities.

A consultant’s report Gartner points out that the global demand for mobiles with 5Gwill provide the foundation for establishing smart cities with comprehensive IoT technologies that will help efficiently reshape our environments and lifestyles.

Cities will be able to implement networks interactive interconnected that will connect the entire city with ultra-high definition cameras, along with other sensors, with the necessary capacity to locate stolen vehicles, coordinate emergency services with data from the scene of the incident through augmented reality (AR) and much more.

The new face of remote medicine

An Ericsson Consumer Lab report called the impact of the 5G in it future of medicine and its transformation.

The impulse of the fifth generation networks to the telemedicine It will be a great leap for remote medical services. With the new network, remote operations will be commonplace. With a latency so low, the actions of the professional will not have a perceptible delay, which will contribute to reducing the risks and lowering the cost of surgery.

with this new technologya new chapter opens for remote assistance, it will only be necessary to have cameras with which to cover the important angles in the operating room.

In this way, the professional on the other side of the line will have all the necessary information to give the pertinent instructions. In the same way, the answer you provide will be given in real time, with an almost perfect image quality, in addition to the possibility of being able to send and receive documentation of various kinds, practically instantly.

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