We visited Labadee, the Haitian dream coast owned by Royal Caribbean

We visited Labadee, the Haitian dream coast owned by Royal Caribbean

Labadée is a private destination on the north coast of Haiti exclusively for guests aboard the cruise ships of royal caribbean. And we were lucky enough to be able to enjoy it. A paradisiacal place of emerald waters and golden sands that invites you to dream. During our journey through the wonder of the seasthe largest cruise ship in the world, Labadee was one of the destinations. An oasis full of colors, ideal to unwind and enjoy the Caribbean sun, leaving your worries behind. Because on this coast, good vibes prevail and everything bad is left behind. From wild, pure and adventurous soulleisure options in these Haitian beaches They are varied and for all tastes. From watching the sunrise from above on a zip line (considered one of the longest in the world), resting on your beach clubs overlooking its beaches of delicate sand and its calm sea, dance to its happy traditional rhythms or watch the sun go down in one of the cabins premium that complete a private experience of luxury full of tropical adventures that in COLD, we live for you to inspire you and who knows? perhaps, give you ideas for your next trip…

Photo: Fina Grosso/COOL

Labadée is what is called an ‘anchorage’ that is located on the north coast of The Spanishin the Republic of Haiti. An holiday resort owned by Royal Caribbean International. But not only the shipping company owns this paradise. Also, as is logical, he cares about preserving it and also about having a social responsibility with the Haitians of the surrounding areas. In fact, they are the main promoter of tourism in the American country since 1986. In Labadee, around 300 Haitians work and allow another 200 street vendors to enter each time one of its cruise ships arrives with tourists to spend the day there.

Figure of a butterfly in Labadee, Haiti
Photo: Fine Grosso
Labadee, Haiti
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Haiti It is a great country with a history in which different cultures intervene and, if we are interested, in addition to enjoying its beaches, we can delve into its roots with a tour led by locals that will make us immerse ourselves even more in the culture of the area. . From the traditions of the natives, to the arrivals of the different colonizing countries or the walls that were built to face the pirates. Fortifications whose ruins remain today, which stand erect as good monuments of the time and which also speak to us of those times.

Ruins of an ancient wall in Labadee
Photo: Fina Grosso/COOL
Corners of Labadee, the private coast of Haiti
Photo: Fine Grosso
Labadee Beach, Haiti
Photo: Fina Grosso/COOL

Nellie’s Cottages

We visited Labadee, the Haitian dream coast owned by Royal Caribbean

Relaxing in the shade of a private bungalow with unparalleled views is one of the options on offer in Labadee. Guests can choose from overwater, oceanfront, or beachside cabanas and enjoy their exclusive, private slice of paradise.

We visited Labadee, the Haitian dream coast owned by Royal Caribbean

adrenaline beach

We visited Labadee, the Haitian dream coast owned by Royal Caribbean

Unlike other Caribbean areas such as the Bahamas, in the north coast of Haiti the waters are more greenish and the sands turn a light gold that generates a different and special contrast. Admiring the horizon hanging from its original swings located on its banks can be a perfect plan to watch the hours pass in the best way.

Caribbean Labadee
Photo: Fina Grosso/COOL

Dragon’s Breath Zipline, the longest zip line in the world

Labadee coast, Haiti

Adventure is also more than present in this Royal Caribbean destination. Dragon’s Breath Flight Line is considered the longest zip line over water in the world. It has nothing more and nothing less than 792 meters in length and a vertical drop of 152 meters, that’s nothing.

A strong commitment to Haitians

During the last decade, it is well known that Haiti has sadly suffered multiple natural disasters that are still more than present due to the impact of these that still lasts. Speaking of a country with high levels of poverty, at COOL we consider it important to highlight that royal caribbean is committed to supporting Haiti and its communities. They are currently one of the largest foreign investors, supporting their economy and promoting the development of the region. They also work together with organizations such as the Pan American Development (PADF) to promote the development and infrastructure of the area, with projects that provide drinking water and sanitation to more than 7,000 inhabitants of the surroundings of Labadee.

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