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moon knight came to the end of an extraordinary season that went through all the nuances of the character. That included everything from his tortured past to his inevitable choice to become the avatar of the mysterious God Khonshu. But the closure — for now — of Marc Spector’s story brought a surprise that surprised and excited fans of the original comic. It is about the presentation of another of the superhero’s personalities through a now traditional post-credits scene: the disturbing, violent and often irrepressible Jake Lockley.

The unexpected post-credits scene of the sixth chapter of moon knight has finally revealed the third personality of Marc Spector. Until now, Jake Lockley had been kind of a secret in plain sight for most of the series. Both in the second chapter and in the sixth, the plot hinted that there was a disturbing secret in the midst of Marc’s violent anger. But it was only at the end of the season, when finally, the well-known third aspect of the character was shown in all its sinister power.

It is a well-thought-out plot trap that allowed us to better understand the way Marc Spector’s mind works. Also the way that Khonshu explores his psychiatric disorder to manipulate the character and use their abilities for the benefit of their purposes. It’s never entirely clear in the comics if the Egyptian god is actually a manifestation of Marc’s mental picture. And indeed, it’s one of the biggest mysteries in Marvel’s long and traditional saga.

The series has decided to step forward and tell the story from a direct perspective. And the post-credits scene moon knight ends by revealing that Khonshu has not only always been real. She has a definite, conscious and slightly twisted purpose with respect to Marc and the context that surrounds him.

jake dark side of the moon

For the sixth episode, Moon Knight answered all the answers from his previous chapters. And for the first time it included a post-credits scene. In it you can see Harrow (Ethan Hawke) confined to a psychiatric hospital after the events narrated in the chapter. Interestingly, the place has the same appearance as Marc’s visions during his brief period between life and death. Only this time it’s real. The character is dressed in hospital clothes and seems to be under the influence of some sedative.

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At one point, a pair of black-gloved hands pushes the wheelchair in which he is sitting. As the character is carried through the corridor, a body can be seen lying on the floor in a pool of blood. The scene then cuts outside, where Harrow is led into a waiting white limousine outside the hospital.

Inside, the character is surprised to find Khonshu sitting comfortably on the seat and with a size similar to that of a human man. It is then that the god reveals his entire convoluted plan, which apparently he has carried out for a good part of moon knight. “Marc always thought he loved Layla as an avatar, but I don’t really need it,” he says slowly, to Harrow’s growing fear. “Marc doesn’t really know how upset he is and I don’t need anyone else.”

The god then touches the glass that separates the cabin of the limousine from the driver’s seat. And that’s when you can see the new personality of Marc Spector. “This is Jake Lockley,” introduces Khonshu. The man who turns his face and is, in fact, someone completely different from Marc and Steven. With a sinister expression he raises a silenced weapon and ends up shooting several times against Harrow. Just as Khonshu had wanted during the chapter.

A man of dark resources in Moon Knight

In the comics, Lockley is the most violent and out of control personality of all those who inhabit the mind of Marc Spector in moon knight. He moves in the underworld of New York and is almost always in charge of carrying out detective investigations. But in the series Jake only came on in moments of extreme violence. In fact, on the two occasions that it was clear there was a third unknown aspect of Marc, there were violent deaths and murders.

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Still without confirmation of a second season for the Disney + Marvel series, the arrival of Jake is good news for the history of Moon Knight. It is a new exploration into the complex world of Marc Spector and his abilities. A narrative thread that could be of special interest in a future second season of the series.


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