Vital but little known details of travel insurance (assistance)

Vital but little known details of travel insurance (assistance)

The illusions to explore charming places, vibrant cities or simply to go shopping in search of offers can be fueled more if you travel with greater peace of mind, with a travel assistance (insurance) plan.

When leaving the country we are exposed to some events, such as loss of luggage, illnesses, covid-19 or, in the worst case, a more serious accident.

However, there are details about travel assistance plans that you should know and take into account, so that you avoid inconveniences.

Leonardo Tonhaiser, regional manager of Assist Card for Central America and the Caribbean, clarified some of the main doubts and the care that travelers should have when purchasing an assistance plan to leave the country.

For example, what happens if an unexpected event occurs on the last day of your ride, a few hours before the purchased support plan expires? In that scenario, the customer should make sure that the insurance they buy protects them until they recover.

Tonhaiser explained that in the case of his company they cover the person until he recovers from what happened, although they suggest acquiring a new assistance plan in case something different happens to him while he heals and returns to the country.

“An example is that on the last day of the trip (the day the contracted insurance ends) you are on the beach playing soccer or volleyball and you break a finger. The recovery takes six to seven days and we maintain the coverage until you can return, but that extension will not cover anything else that happens to you, so you must get a new card before the first one expires, “explained Tonhaiser .

An additional detail that you should consider is that in general, no company that issues travel assistance will cover pre-existing illnesses, since the insurance is for what happens to you during the trip, due to the trip.

“The other thing is luggage. It is necessary to have the documentation from the airline saying that it was lost. There are requirements to meet; the first is to notify, the second is to have the form given by the airline, which is in English. They must give it to them before leaving the airport and with that certificate call (the company) and send a photo, but people sometimes leave the airport, lose their luggage in a hotel, forget it in a taxi or it is stolen. The baggage loss (coverage) is on the flight, that you gave it to the airline and it did not arrive,” he said.

Take into account that the cancellation of flights due to climatic issues is not covered, although they can provide you with support to find lodging and a taxi.


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