Viral | They went out for a beer and ended up doing a 2,000 km trip that lasted the whole weekend | Trends | Social networks | United Kingdom | stories | nnda nnrt | STORIES

 Viral |  They went out for a beer and ended up doing a 2,000 km trip that lasted the whole weekend |  Trends |  Social networks |  United Kingdom |  stories |  nnda nnrt |  STORIES

Some young people from the town of Merthyr, south of Welshthey could have taken the phrase “a night of drinks” to a new level, because they ended up traveling to Ibiza for a whole weekend without even planning it.

Dan Evans Y alex stubbs they met last Friday afternoon and, according to the British medium UNILAD, they had promised to be back home at 11:30 that night; however, everything changed when one person suggested a spontaneous trip to the tourist city of MagalufIn mallorca.

Without much thought, both of them decided to go back to their homes quickly to get their passports and phone chargers. Shortly after, they took a taxi to Cardiff Airport.

Unfortunately, the flight to Mallorca was full when Dan and Alex looked for tickets, but there were spaces left on a plane to Ibiza. Despite not having reservations or a return flight, the young people bought the tickets and began their journey.

Dan assured that neither he nor Alex slept during the entire trip and that they stayed awake the 36 hours that it lasted.

After two days of sun and party, Dan and Alex returned to the airport and took the only available flight to London. Fortunately, returned to Wales early to work the next dayalthough Dan told Wales Online it was a “shock to the system”.

“It was harder to get a plane back, but we did get one, we flew back to London in plenty of time to be at work on Monday. It was worth it. We have no regrets and will probably do it again, but it could be a few years before we can do it again.”

Dan shared images of his impromptu vacation on social networks, where he accumulates thousands of reproductions.

@danevanstm Flying straight to Ibiza from a night out, so fried 😂😂😂 #ibiza #fyp ♬ Finally – Kings of Tomorrow

What is special about Ibiza?

Ibiza is a Spanish island located in the Mediterranean Sea and that forms, together with several smaller islets, the archipelago and autonomous community of the Balearic Islands, says Wikpedia.

Its coastline is 210 km long, where more than 40 rocks and islets of various sizes alternate. The maximum distances of the island are 41 kilometers from north to south and 15 kilometers from east to west. It has a very irregular morphology formed by several mountains, of which the highest is Atalayasa, located in the municipality of San José, with 475 meters of altitude.

The island is internationally renowned for the beauty of its coves and beaches and the quality of its waters, as well as for its parties and nightclubs, which attract numerous tourists. The port area of ​​Ibiza also attracts many tourists for its nightlife.

What is Ibiza known for?

According to the website, the beaches of Ibiza They are known throughout the world for their crystal clear waters and soft sand. But they are also known for the party they have on some of the beaches such as Playa d’en Bossa and its Bora Bora Beach club.

How did Ibiza come about?

Ibiza It was founded by the Carthaginians, details the website In 654, the Carthaginians founded the city of Ibosim, a strategic and commercial fortress and an excellent natural harbor for their ships, and began to exploit the salt flats. The Necropolis of Puig des Molins and the Temple of Tanit are preserved from the Punic culture.



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