Vin Diesel shares first details of Riddick 4: Furya

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Through social networks, Vin Diesel has confirmed that Riddick 4 is still running and has shown several images

It’s been nine years since we saw the last movie in the franchise. Richard B Riddickand even though we’ve always known that the fourth installment is coming, we still have no idea when that will happen, especially since Vin Diesel is now busy with the franchise Fast and Furious and his role in Marvel Cinematic Universe.

A new storyboard of Riddick 4: Fury shows a first look at the return of Diesel’s character. Chronologically, the film is the continuation of riddickfrom 2013, and it is currently unknown if there will be more sequels to follow. riddick 4 it has been in development limbo for quite some time; however, the actor, who seems to have a special fondness for the character, has continually hyped his progress, sharing things like the title and the fact that he will likely explore the Furyan’s origins.

The Riddick Movies

pitch black It arrived in the year 2000 with an uneven reception. It tells the story of Richard B. Riddick, a dangerous criminal on his way to jail when the spaceship carrying him is hit by a comet and is forced to land on a seemingly deserted planet. Unsurprisingly, there’s nothing desert about it, and soon ruthless aliens slaughter the survivors and Riddick must become a hero for them all to survive.

The movie grossed $53 million, and Riddick’s character struck a chord enough to get two sequels: The Chronicles of Riddickfrom 2004, and Riddick from 2013. While both films greatly improved the box office results of the original film, the subsequently announced fourth film has remained largely obscure and has only been mentioned in infrequent Diesel social media posts.

Like his previous announcements about the upcoming sequel, Diesel’s latest post hasn’t revealed too much about Furya. However, the new storyboard visuals are certainly attractive. The mention of a boy with eyes that glow like Riddick’s is related to Diesel’s earlier confirmation that Furya’s story will detail the mysterious origins of his character. This exploration of Riddick’s history could be done through the introduction of others who are like him, like this mysterious boy who has left Riddick stunned.


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