Villa La Angostura inaugurates the most beautiful tourist trail in the country

Villa La Angostura inaugurates the most beautiful tourist trail in the country

Governor Omar Gutiérrez will inaugurate this Monday at 3:00 p.m., together with authorities from the Ministry of Tourism of the Nation, the tourist work in the path Interpretative Selva Triste, an urban nature reserve of approximately 10 hectares with a small lagoon, called Laguna Verde, surrounded by a native forest. Among the attractions of the place is the Arrayán del Amor, a place chosen by tourists to take pictures.

The trail is of low difficulty and can take up to two hours to walk quietly. It will be open all year round, since it has a growing demand from tourism.

The tourist work that was developed in the Selva Triste interpretive circuit, within the Laguna Verde Protected Natural Reserve, is a first stage, which consists of a path that surrounds the Laguna Verde, in a route accessible to people with disabilities.

In addition to Governor Gutiérrez, the Minister of Tourism, Sandro Badilla; and local authorities, the ceremony will also include the chief of staff of the Ministry of Tourism and Sports of the Nation, Geraldine Oniszczuk; and the undersecretary of Institutional Relations, Leandro Balasini.

Other activities

At 4:00 p.m., the authorities are expected to sail from Bahía Mansa, as part of the Villa La Angostura – Isla Victoria lake route project. At 6:00 p.m. they will visit Cerro Bayo, to learn about the investment project for snow cannons and the development of a ski center

The project for the enhancement of the “Sad Forest” also includes a welcome portal, with walkways, breaks and informative posters. The work is financed through the National Tourism Investment Program 50 Destinations, of the Ministry of Tourism and Sports of the Nation with an investment of $13,750,000.

In the same plan, the Vía Christi confectionery in Junín de los Andes, the La Fragua waterfall inn in Manzano Amargo; and the same will be done with the bird viewpoint in Villa El Chocón.

Regarding accessibility, the project also includes indicative and interpretive signage, both in traditional form and in braille system. Likewise, the contents were designed to be perceived auditorily and tactilely.


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