Vilela Offers Family Fun With Lake Fishing In A Cozy Setting


A place where the little ones in the house can have a great time making any afternoon a special afternoon. We had heard about this complex located in the town of Vilela, in Villafranca del Bierzo, but we had not had the opportunity to approach it.


To get there we can either go through the Parandones roundabout or through the access that we will find on the Antigua N-VI arriving at Villafranca. Either way is simple and will take us to our destination without any problem.

Its about Hotel Complex of Vilela. A campsite that, in addition to being enabled for tourism, welcomes any visitor and where, of course, we can eat. Both tapas and paellas, meat or seafood. The enclosure has a large front terrace and a rear terrace where chillout furniture is installed in summer. This allows companions who do not feel like trying their luck at fishing to enjoy a drink while waiting.

We approached with children between 10 and 14 years old and the experience was fun for everyone. The trout lake is big enough that enough kids (or older ones) can stake around it without disturbing each other. The system with which it works is simple: You will find at the entrance, reeds prepared with a hook and buoy, those responsible will leave you canned corn, from here on, everything will depend on the skill of the fishermen. So many trout catch, so much we will pay. It is also allowed to bring your own equipment.

Without a doubt, the experience is entertaining and the place is perfect to be with children, both because of the large fenced area, and because of the comfort for the elderly who can enjoy a snack on the terrace without losing sight of the little ones.

Hotel Complex of Vilela
Saavedra street nº8
Phone: 628 48 41 47



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