Video games are not just for fun


The adventure and challenges that this type of entertainment entails can create a skill and bring benefits to the user in the world of work.

Video games are not a toy to entertain children, but something much more serious that should be discussed in the family, as he mentioned Alexander Avalostechnology expert and director of the Battler platform, organizers of digital events and sports competitions eSports With over 15 years of experience.

New terms that have reached royal tables such as Metaverse, E-Sports, Bitcoins, Virtual Realityamong others, need to be shared among society to inform and coexist with a new community that grows daily and is here to stay.

In a virtual conference for the business groupAvalos, 43 years old and who has been passionate about video games, spoke about the powerful video game industry in Mexico and throughout Latin America.

This sector is considered to be growing and will continue to do so for the next decade; In Mexico alone, there are an estimated 30 million video game users.

Contrary to the opinion of the President of Mexico, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador who has mentioned on several occasions that the Nintendo is bad and affects the mental health of children, making them more violent, Avalos mentioned that there are multiple advantages when it is used in moderation.

The ‘gamer’ world and E-sports it has also spawned the crop of professions such as engineers, techies, designers, and international recruitment companies like Manpower, who already value soft skills that can only be gained by playing in front of a screen.

In video games there are levelsgoals that you have to overcome and there is a lot of work on resilience, the achievement of objectives, which are skills that companies are valuing in their teams and you find that perfectly in a person who plays video games,’ he mentioned.

The specialist pointed out that studies have been carried out with 25-year-old adults who they are subjected to practice days in some video games and when compared with people who play it, results have been obtained in the growth of the brain mass and the development of new abilities in the brain.

Beyond traditional networks like Instagram and Facebookvideo game lovers use new platforms to communicate, move and connect and are reactive groups that, when united, form powerful masses with the capacity for immediate action.

Avalos mentioned that your company promotes responsible actions such as balance and balance when playing, having a limit, promoting respect when playing and eradicating bullying and cyberbullying in the community.

One of the most notorious cases of the success of gamers is that of Faze Clan, in the United States, a community of gamers from E-Sports that can boast of having more fans than NFL or Nascar teams.

This sport is also beginning to attract the attention of national and international companies who decide to advertise and sponsor this type of digital events and tournaments, since the consumer market is attractive due to the profile and age of the users.

According to data from some technology platforms in Mexico, it is estimated that a gamer spends an average of 2,500 pesos per month, between games, applications, competitions, and digital events related to this hobby.


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