Vettel and his conscientious message: “I am not a saint”

Vettel and his conscientious message:

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Sebastian Vettel has recently led various actions to protect both the environment and human rights. We have seen him do everything: travel by bicycle instead of taking the car, pick up the remains of rubbish in the stands after a Grand Prix, paint his helmet with the colors of the Ukrainian flag and defend the rights of the collective at all costs. LGBT.

questions arise

Despite the four-time world champion’s activist work, there are people who wonder how is it possible that Seb promotes a sustainable discourse while participating in a sport like F1 in which contamination is the order of the day with so many logistical movements, among many other factors that oppose the ideals of the pilot.

This is what Vettel has been blamed for in an interview with a BBC program. The Aston Martin driver has acknowledged having part of the blame, but hides behind the fact that he does not make all the decisions: “There are many things that I feel I can improve. I am not a saint. Although There are certain things that are under my control and others that are not.. During COVID-19, we were one of the first sports to come back, there were F1 races when people’s heads were going to explode. If there hadn’t been, many would have gone mad.”, has responded to criticism.

The German pilot has recognized that he asks himself questions about whether what he does on a daily basis is correct or not. For example, he sometimes has to fight against one of his most polluting hobbies: “My passion is driving cars, I love it every time I get into one. But when I go out, of course I do too I wonder if I should be runningtraveling the world and wasting resources“, has added.

Vettel’s concerns

Sebastian has once again insisted on the imperial need to convert Formula 1 into a competition that adapts to the demands of the environment: “I am quite worried about the future and about energy dependency. We need to stop relying on fossil fuelsthere are other solutions”, He replied to the criticism received from the members of the BBC on the set.

What they did not know in the British program is that F1 is in the midst of hybridization through synthetic fuels. The famous E10 that the teams have already been able to experience in 2022 has been a step that should continue the path towards sustainability and the elimination of the carbon footprint in less than a decade, even ruling out total electrification. For this, we have Alejandro Agag with his Formula E exclusivity contract.

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