Using cheats in video games makes us ‘happy’ and increases the fun, according to a study


Masks out: who has not used tricks in videogames ever? Whether it’s to unlock content quickly, to beat that damn quest we got stuck on, or just to mindlessly have a good time, codes they have always been very useful in our gaming sessions. Are you for or against this type of techniques, the truth is that they are an inseparable part of the video game, and now a study has found Additional benefits that no one knew were there: Apparently, according to the brainwave behavior of people who have participated in a Brainamics and MegaDev experiment, using tricks “makes us happy” and reflects a “significant increase in entertainment”.

The study has been organized by MegaDev, developer of a software called plitch in which more than 43,000 cheats for more than 3000 PC video games are compiled, a tool that they call “training program” and that allows us to adjust the games for one player to our liking, allowing us to skip things such as the crafting endless in case we don’t like it. The experiment consisted of putting to play year 1800 an two separate groups, one using PLITCH and one without the training program; the result is that the former had a more satisfying experience than the latter.

Brain waves of the study participants.

Tricks to minimize the most boring moments of video games

The choice of year 1800since they were looking for a game with “a lot of micromanagement and, consequently, lots of downtime” to minimize those “tedious moments” with the use of the cheat tool. As they played, Brainamics measured their brain activity, and it appears that those who played with cheats enabled had a “more active and positive” experience than those who did not have these shortcut codes.

Capture of the year 1800

In addition, the study mentions that those who played cheats “enjoyed the game regardless of their gender preference”while in the other group there was a disparity between those who loved strategy (60% of them valued the session positively) and those who were more inclined towards action games (40% said they were bored). In general, and according to this study, those who played with cheats activated had a much more fun and stimulating session than those who did not have that possibility.


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