United States: goodbye to showing your passport and boarding pass at the Miami airport

United States: goodbye to showing your passport and boarding pass at the Miami airport

MIAMI.- The Miami International Airport (MIA) announced the incorporation of a biometric system why It will no longer be necessary to show your passport and boarding pass when boarding or disembarking from a plane. It will be enough to stand in front of a camera that will confirm the biometric data.

This was announced by Maurice Jenkins, Director of Information Systems at that airport. “For now, this technology is being used in the arrivals of international flights and we are looking to start using it in the departures of international flights”, the official pointed out. “The system uses a combination that verifies passport and boarding passso that means a reduction of time and increase in passenger safety”, he added.

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In a statement, the airport authorities announced that will implement biometric technology in all of its more than 130 boarding gates and it is expected to be fully installed during the next year. “When completed, the project will be the largest implementation of biometric technology at an airport in the United States,” the statement said. The system to be used will be SITA’s Smart Path, which leverages NEC’s biometric identity platform.

The United States Department of Immigration explained on its website how the system works. “During boarding or arrival, a photo of the traveler is taken where they would normally present their passport for inspection. The photo is compared to an existing passport or visa photo. An immigration officer interviews the traveler to validate the results, establish the purpose and intent of the trip, and determine admissibility. He then clarifies that “all travel photos of US citizens are removed and photos are never shared with industry partners.”

Miami International Airport became the first gateway for international tourists to the United Statesaccording to what was reported by that body last month.

“According to the preliminary 2021 airport classifications published by Airports Council International (ACI), MIA received more than 13 million international passengers in 2021going from second place in 2020 to first place in the United States, and to number 11 in the world,” he said.

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