Uber Eats already has its first autonomous delivery cars: this is how they work

Uber Eats already has its first autonomous delivery cars: this is how they work


The company wants to start testing driverless food delivery.

The combination of one of the first firms of private passenger transport vehicles and food delivery is what kicked off the creation of uber eats. In this age of immediacy and the need to have all we need just unlock the phone mobileIt seems that we still need to go one step further. The use of autonomous vehicles in the distribution of foodas we informed you with robots delivering the orders, it could be the next barrier to break.

Uber Eats is already testing a driverless home delivery system

The North American firm is beginning to deploy a couple of autonomous vehicles in the streets of The Angelsin what would be a collaboration with two companies with cutting-edge technology such as Motional and Serve Robotics. The first of these companies is the one that will put the autonomous skills aboard a Hyundai IONIQ 5while it will be the second company that will introduce a robot for home delivery, which will be the food deliverer to the customer on duty.

Uber Eats self-driving cars will start operating in Los Angeles

At first, the deliveries will be carried out in a Specific area of the city, leaving Santa Monica for him trainer and small routes in the area of west hollywood for the little one robot. Y Uber spokespersonIn statements collected by TechCrunch, He says than:

We will be able to learn from these two pilots what customers really want, what merchants really want, and what makes sense for delivery, as we begin to integrate our platform with autonomous vehicle companies. Our hope is that they will be successful and that we can learn in the coming months to think about how to scale them up.

It seems that the shipping with autonomous car would have a extra cost for the user, although for the moment this will not apply, until Motional has permission to deliver food, with which you will need a person on board of the car to avoid violating California law. This does not happen with robotsince there is no regulation in this regard, with which it will be possible to apply a surcharge to the transport of goods with this technology. However, there are still too many unknowns on delivery with autonomous vehicles and robots.

The robots they will be operated initially by someone on the other side, so that the first problems that may arise will be resolved with the human component, even if they are prepared with a autonomy level 4the one that would allow them to work without any kind of intervention. As for the autonomous vehiclewhen someone in the area orders your food, you will receive a realize that the car is approaching your location and you can use your mobile phone for to unlock back door and pick up your order. The future could be marvelousbut it will not be without problems, controversies and complications. Those of us who ask are human, after all.

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