Two months after his 50th birthday, he breaks ticket sales records

Two months after his 50th birthday, he breaks ticket sales records

May 17, 2022 – 05:56
The celebration will take place on July 15 and 16. A new formation of Swiss origin is about to be acquired with nine panoramic cars that will make the trip much more pleasant. In a few days, work will begin on the San Antonio de los Cobres train station, which will be 90 years old. This year there was a record number of passengers and tickets sold.

The Train to the Clouds is without any doubt one of the greatest attractions that tourism has today in Salta. After 10 months stopped by the coronavirus pandemic, today they break a record for ticket sales.

Sebastián Vidal Casas, president of the board of directors of the Train to the Clouds, is working to improve the quality of the service and in the organization of the 50th Anniversary that will be next July.

“After 10 months where the train was stopped due to the pandemic, today we can say that we are breaking ticket sales records. It does not leave us amazed how the Train to the Clouds has gained followers since it returned to normal. At first, the unconditional support we had from Salta was very important; then at the national level, and today that tourism has fully recovered in the country, abroad is also giving an important framework to each trip, ”he told The Tribune Sebastian Vidal Casas.

The formation that today has 7 cars has a capacity for 430 people on each trip. Those tickets are flying. “We are entering the high season in Salta and this means that training is at its peak on all trips. This makes the economic spillover along the way very good for all communities. We are very satisfied with what is happening with Salta in terms of tourism”.

Currently the Train to the Clouds has a formation of 9 cars with a capacity for 430 passengers, in the next 90 days new cars would arrive in Salta, in this case they would be 7 of Swiss origin with a fundamental detail, these are suitable with panoramic views to enjoy of a much more pleasant trip and not lose any detail of our beautiful and beautiful nature.

“We believe that in 90 days we can count on this new formation. A very hard job was done to get the formation renewed. We work together with the Government of the Province, Nation and Argentine Trains. In addition, we are going to value the San Antonio de los Cobres train station, which is celebrating its 90th anniversary. These works will start in a very short time. There will be 7,000 square meters where there will be a craft fair, parking for groups and for all those who arrive by car, and other things that will give this wonderful town a place to display its products,” Sebastián Vidal Casas told this morning.

Of course, the organization of the 50th Anniversary of the Train to the Clouds will be one of the most important events that Salta will have during the 2022 Winter Holidays, which comes with very good numbers for our province. He also spoke about this: “Our idea is to hold the festivities on July 15 and 16, we are looking to close with folklorists and different artists to put together a music show that all Salta families and tourists can enjoy. Also during those days they will come from the Nation, and they will remember and pay tribute to all those who worked and thought about this tourism project that was born in 1971 and culminated in 1972”.

The most amazing train in the world, it is a high-mountain train that reaches 4,200 meters in height, it is one of the three highest railways in the world, which crosses vertiginous mountains of the Andes Mountains among an amazing hidden nature, as indicated on the cover inviting tourists to enjoy this wonderful trip.

The Tren de las Nubes was the first Argentine railway venture and was chosen by National Geographics among the best 10 trains in the world. This means that thousands of people every year enjoy this magical experience.

Sebastián Vidal Casas also said that during the summer of this 2022 the number of people who moved this attractive railway formation was amazing. “Since we arrived, we have sought that the Tren de las Nubes not only be an attraction for the high season of tourism, but that it can be accessed all year round and I think we achieved it after 10 months of the pandemic. Also that economic spill reaches everyone, also to the towns of our puna that can show their products, that interact permanently with tourists. This is also very important. A very good communion was achieved between our people and those who come to visit them for the first time. I believe that this path that we have today is the best of all because we managed to be more connected with our people”, Vidal indicated.

the tour

It begins with a departure in state-of-the-art vehicles with heating and air conditioning from the city of Salta at 7 o’clock, traveling along the RN 51 through the towns of Campo Quijano, Gobernador Solá, El Alfarcito and Santa Rosa de Tastil, looking at the beautiful landscape we will take a rich country breakfast (included) to continue the journey through the Quebrada de las Cuevas, the Muñano plain to reach the picturesque town of San Antonio de los Cobres, heart of the Puna of Salta.

At 11:45 a.m. ascend to the iconic Train to the Clouds where we cross the foothills of the Andes to the unmissable La Polvorilla Viaduct at 4,220 meters above sea level. In this place near the sky we will take unforgettable photos that will make this trip a unique memory. Later we will return with the train to San Antonio de los Cobres where we will be able to visit this emblematic and picturesque town of Salta and we will have lunch (lunch not included). After 3:00 p.m. We will undertake the return to Salta, and on the way we will invite you with a delicious snack (included). Arrival to Salta 20.


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