Traveling to Villa de la Quebrada will range between $250 and $2 thousand

Traveling to Villa de la Quebrada will range between $250 and $2 thousand

The central celebrations of the novena of Santo Cristo de la Quebrada are approaching and hundreds of devotees plan their trips to the capital of faith. According to what was reported in the Ministry of Transportation, the bus ticket from San Luis will have a value of $200, an amount to which $50 must be added from the urban bus to travel to the Regional Bus Interconnection Station. By taxi, the one-way trip to that town can be around $2,000.

To guarantee continuity in the transfer of passengers, the authorities ordered the realization of direct collective services between April 29 and May 3. In addition, those who are interested, meet the requirements and are enabled can join as direct travel providers. To develop this service, they must request an authorization from the Automotive Transport Program. If they are approved, they will be given an identification wafer that they will have to place in the corresponding unit.

On the page, you can find the usual schedules for the corridor that connects Villa de la Quebrada and San Luis. To give an idea of ​​other cities, the journey from La Punta costs $100 and from Villa Mercedes $350.

Many devotees will participate in the entire agenda of the celebration.

Although the trip by micro implies the cheapest option, some opt for the taxi for a matter of comfort. According to what the taxi driver Nicolás Quevedo pointed out, the calculation of $2 thousand corresponds to an estimate of the equivalent of 40 kilometers.

“Surely there will be owners who make discounts. If they are presented with the opportunity that a passenger only has $1,800, for example, they will access the discount; today $200 is not much difference. One and the customer are favored. You can even appeal to promotions if the person goes for several days in a row, ”she specified.

He remarked that there are cases in which four people get together and take a car to save money. Generally, users go in the morning and ask to be picked up at a certain time in the afternoon.

The taxi driver Fernando Pérez stressed that although he has not decided if he will specify routes, he stressed that several colleagues with whom he spoke in recent days

They agreed that the trip could range between $1,700 and $1,800, but that value would only be available to those who are holders since the drivers must account for the tickets. There are even some that have sensors in the seats, which makes it impossible for them to access discounts when they carry many people.

To graph the calculations of the route, we must remember that the day flag drop is $80, while the night flag drops $88. The daytime token every 180 meters reaches $8 and the nighttime token at $8.80. Estimatedly, they charge $50 per kilometer.

“You can talk about an average of $2,000, but the problem can arise when there are queues on the route. There are so many people that circulate, that the pace is usually slow and that can affect the chips. Thus, what is estimated at $2,000 can reach $2,300, for example; and if one refers to a round value, it is possible that the client does not have the rest and has to cover the difference with money from his own pocket”, warned the taxi driver Roberto Lucero.

“Many people choose to share the car, although in these cases there is usually the situation that they want to get as many people in the car as possible. One always emphasizes that the maximum that can be transferred is four users, especially for an insurance issue. It has happened that they seek to upload one more and justify themselves with the age of one of the passengers, but that has nothing to do with it, they do not understand that their lives are also worth it. You want to work properly,” he added.

The costs for Renca

Coinciding with the celebrations of Villa de la Quebrada, in the Valle del Conlara area they will carry out ceremonies in honor of the Divine Lord of Renca. Although thousands of devotees fulfill their promises on foot, on horseback and by bicycle, families generally travel by car or public transport.

If the trip is made by taxi, the route can be calculated at approximately $7,400 from San Luis, although it would vary depending on the driver’s offer.

The bus ride from Villa Mercedes will cost $350, from Tilisarao $50, from Villa de Merlo $200, from La Toma $170 and from Naschel $150.



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