Travel in times of the 4T – El Financiero

Travel in times of the 4T – El Financiero

They are trying to get us used to living badly, every day, little by little. For example, since this six-year term began, we have been losing the freedom to move around the country and its cities with ease. All due to the accumulation of bad decisions, corruption and omissions of our rulers that generate various consequences that affect us more every day.

The first of this series of bad decisions was the cancellation of the New Mexico City Airport (NAIM) and its replacement by the Felipe Ángeles Airport (AIFA), a project that was at least insufficient to release the traffic of the current Mexico City Airport. Mexico (AICM). It is incredible that the new airport has been open for more than a month and that it has a minimum of flights in a market that is saturated, one of its main problems being that it is very far away and people do not want to go there.

The government’s response to the problem of low demand has been to force airlines to open routes by limiting flights at the old airport, with the logical consequence that flights from the AICM become more expensive since there will be less supply, while in the AIFA technically would be cheaper, but the cost and transportation time is so high that it may come out the same or with very little difference. It should be noted that the AIFA is not even a quarter of the size of what the NAIM would have been.

But the biggest problem was when the airspace was redesigned so that both airports could coexist and the opinion of international institutions specializing in this issue was not taken into account, which led to two serious consequences. The first was that our air sector lost the category 1 granted by the United States to the countries with which they have flights, which limits commercial traffic, the possibilities of our airlines to compete and leaves a bad image of the country. The second and more serious is that the life of the users of air services is being played with, even the important International Federation of Airline Pilots issued an alert call for accidents due to the entry into operation of the AIFA, something that the government minimized, but the reality is that the chances of a plane crash are much higher than when the six-year term began.

In addition, on the issue of airspace redesign there is another important factor of corruption, nepotism and bad decisions that weakened the sector: the 4T appointed as head of SENEAM, the institution in charge of controlling navigation and airspace, its unconditional Víctor Manuel Hernández Sandoval, who with his arrival fired almost the entire work team, made up of experienced people, to put new people with little knowledge, subjected to long hours of work and few days off, this in positions that involve the lives of thousands of people a day! According to the National Union of Air Traffic Controllers (SINACTA), errors increased by 300 percent as a result of the redesign of the airspace. The video of the Volaris planes on Saturday May 7 is only the tip of the iceberg, in fact, the Secretariat of Infrastructure, Communications and Transportation (SICT) had published in a statement on Friday May 6 that “they had no official reports ” of any air incident, which we later learned was a lie.

To this sum of unfortunate events that have hit our transport sector, we must add the tragedy of metro line 12, which, due to corruption, the terrible austerity policy and the lack of professionalism, has already claimed the lives of 26 people and left wounds to others. It is incredible that a year later there is no one in jail for these events, although we all know that those responsible are Claudia Sheinbaum, Marcelo Ebrard and Miguel Ángel Mancera, as well as their suppliers and officials who made the decision to carry out an overpriced project, poorly executed and which was not given maintenance.

Finally, there is the unlimited insecurity on various highways in the country, which affects individuals, but especially carriers and therefore national commerce. The problem is so serious that people avoid traveling unless necessary and the number of lives lost due to assaults and violence is increasingly difficult to calculate, although we have all heard the stories. All this aggravated by the policy of “hugs not bullets”, which should better be called “let crime do what it wants” – which they effectively do. Why do we want a state with a monopoly on violence if not to protect us?

One thing is clear, from the current government we are not only suffering from its resentful agenda of the extreme left, we also suffer from the enormous ignorance, incompetence and mediocrity of its members. It is not the same to be a cricket, without finishing your studies, but participating from the opposition, taking over universities, closing streets, shouting slogans in the squares or troll in social networks, which truly rule. They lack training and we are the citizens who are resenting their corruption and ignorance. Let’s not normalize living badly, without the minimum guarantees and rights.



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