Tourist spending in the last two holidays reached $ 127 million

Tourist spending in the last two holidays reached $ 127 million

Tourist spending on the recent Carnival and Easter holidays in Ecuador amounted to 127 million dollars, reported this Thursday the Ministry of Tourism.

“This year the pre-pandemic figures were exceeded in several indicators, such as the tourist spending which, at Easter 2022, reached 50 million dollars and was 15% higher than in 2019, being also the highest recorded since 2017,” he said in a statement.

As a result of the addition of the Carnival and Easter holidays, tourist spending reached $127 millionhe added.

Also, the average cost per tourist trip It stood at 66 dollars a day, with a growth of 6% compared to the same holiday in 2019, he noted, adding that, according to data from the ECU 911 emergency service, there were about one and a half million displacements, “exceeding the projections “.

This is consistent with the information from the Ministry of Tourism, which, in its final tabulation, shows that the number of trips at Easter in 2022 represented 18% more compared to the same holiday in 2019.

“This indicator is also the highest since 2017,” says the letter.

Regarding accommodation, the figures for Holy Week 2022 were close to those of the pre-pandemic, since hotel occupancy recovered by 96% compared to 2019.

“With this, the country is four percentage points away from recovering pre-pandemic levels in this indicator,” he stressed.

The Minister of Tourism, niels olsencongratulated and thanked the cooperation and citizen responsibility, with the application of biosafety measures.

Similarly, he thanked the tourism sector for its commitment, which has invested in the adaptation of its establishments, including all the measures, and recalled that this is the positive result of the proper management of the pandemic, with the “successful vaccination plan.”

In addition, due to the release of capacity, the reduction of the Value Added Tax (VAT) from 12% to 8% in tourist activities during the holiday and other actions implemented by the Government to reactivate the economy and boost the tourism sector.



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