Tourism: the hidden destinations in Europe and the world to visit in 2022 – Travel – Life

Tourism: the hidden destinations in Europe and the world to visit in 2022 - Travel - Life

If you are planning to travel soon, but do not want to know the popular destinations, but want to find wonderful geographical treasures, here you can have a reference. Beautiful valleys, lakes, temples or even some picturesque villages may be the hidden gems of the world that you are looking for.

Based on the articles of some specialized web portals, we make a recount of several places in the world that are little known, but that are very attractive for visitors thanks to the fact that they provide a connection with nature, cultures and offer spectacular views to contemplate.

Torrevieja, Alicante, Spain

The tourism magazine ‘European Best Destinations’ presented the city of Torrevieja, Spain, as one of the best destinations for visitors. It is located in the south of Valencia, on the Mediterranean coast; and offers landscapes that fall in love at first sight.

The most attractive site is located between the salty lagoons of Torrevieja and La Mata, since the waters that turn pink and provide a beautiful landscape to contemplate and connect with nature.

More than 100 different species of birds live there, including flamingos, so it is also very attractive for lovers of wild animals.

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In addition to the view, the inhabitants affirm that the waters of the lagoons have therapeutic and healing properties thanks to their saline components, which is why they are of great help for chronic joint and muscle pain.

Torrevieja, Alicante, Spain.

Angkor temples, Cambodia

If you are a lover of history and the diversity of cultures, this destination, explained by the web portal ‘Sin Parar de Viajar’, is perfect for you.

Located in the middle of the tropical nature of Southeast Asia, in Cambodia, there are the temples of Angkor, which are the architectural representation of the oldest and most imposing civilizations in the country and on the continent.

The most important sanctuary is that of Angkor Wat, which was built during the rule of the Khmer Empire, which was imposed from the 9th century to the 15th century; and was made in honor of their god Vishnu.

In the place there are about a thousand temples that were abandoned and are now seen as a historical attraction. The only one that was always in the care of the State and civilizations was Angkor Wat, declared a cultural heritage site in 1992.

Angkor temples, Cambodia

Angkor temples, Cambodia.

North Sumatra, Indonesia

This site is ideal to enjoy the beaches and the diversity of species that inhabit the tropical jungles.

In North Sumatra, Indonesia, are the islands of the Aceh region. There you can enjoy different environments, depending on what you are looking for and where you are going. The truth is that they are places isolated from society where you will be immersed in nature.

One of the attractions is the volcanic island of Pulau Weh, where you can go scuba diving. Also There are many paradisiacal beaches in the western part of the region, since, due to the devastating tsunami of 2004, they are quite uninhabited and quiet places.

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If you also wish, you can go to the jungle of Bukit Lawang, in the small town of Takengon, where there is a natural reserve of orangutans, which you can visit and contemplate.

North Sumatra, Indonesia

North Sumatra, Indonesia.

Losinj Island, Kotar County, Croatia

Located near the Kalvarija mountain and facing the Mediterranean Sea, is the island of Losinj, in Croatia. Over there, tourists fall madly in love with the views offered by the crystal clear waters and the beautiful beaches.

Previously, in the 19th century, this place was one of the busiest fishing centers in the area, but, over the years, it became a purely tourist destination.

If you are looking for rest, sun, sand, sea and good food, this is the perfect place for you, in addition to the tours and nautical activities offered on the island.

Losinj Island, Kotar County, Croatia

Losinj Island, Kotar County, Croatia.

Thun, Canton of Bern, Switzerland

Near the capital of Switzerland, is the city of Thun, in the Bernese Oberland region, one of the most visited areas by people seeking relaxation and disconnection.

There you can enjoy beautiful walks through the mountains and beaches; bike rides, water activities, very good cuisine and incredible views offered by the place.

Besides, This site has a representative historical architecture, since the Thun castle is in the city. Built in the 12th centuryThis work is one of the most visited due to its cultural past and the views offered by the place, from where you can see the Swiss Alps.

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Thun, Canton of Bern, Switzerland

Thun, Canton of Bern, Switzerland.

Marble caves, Chile

In Chilean Patagonia it is found this natural spectacle of the Marble Caves, which are a geological formation of minerals such as calcite, quartz, graphite and many others.

According to the web portal ‘Metro Journeys’, the caves are located in Lake General Carrera, which crosses part of the Chilean territory and reaches Argentina.

Its white colors in the stones and the crystalline blue of its waters are what most attract the attention of tourists. If you wish, you can take a boat ride or you also have the possibility of kayaking on the lake.

Marble caves, Chile

Marble caves, Chile.

Lencois Maranhenses National Park, Brazil

This destination knows no age, as it is perfect for children, youth and adults. The Lençóis National Park is protected by the state as a cultural and environmental heritage, making it a very unpopulated area and ideal for disconnecting.

The landscape offered by the white sand dunes and the crystal clear waters that pass through the site generate an effect of a flooded desert which, in the eyes of tourists, is seen as a magical oasis.

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There they will offer you a ride in buggies, sand vehicles. Although, if you wish, you can also take a walk and breathe the pure air of nature while observing the landscapes.

Lencois Maranhenses National Park, Brazil

Lencois Maranhenses National Park, Brazil.

Puno, Peru

At 3,830 meters above sea level is the small Peruvian city of Puno, which It is very striking for lovers of cultural diversity, rites, folk music and areas far from civilization.

In Puno there is Lake Titicaca, one of the largest in South America and which is described as ‘the highest navigable body of water in the world’.

There you can enjoy various outdoor activities, where you can enjoy the authentic music and gastronomy of the Peruvian culture. Keep in mind that, due to its height, the city can have very low temperatures, so we recommend that you wear appropriate clothing.

Puno, Peru

Quedlinburg, Saxony-Anhalt, Germany

This destination is ideal for those who love history. Quedlinburg is a small and rustic town in Germany, which is characterized by its unique medieval architecture.

Listed as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, This town houses the most representative castles of the Middle Ages, since in one of them lies the body of one of the most powerful kings of the 10th century.

In addition to the historical jewels, tourists visit the rural areas, the contemplative forests and the wooden houses that are very attractive for those who want to travel through time through architecture.

Quedlinburg, Saxony-Anhalt, Germany

Quedlinburg, Saxony-Anhalt, Germany.

Sainte Marguerite Island, Lérins Islands, French Alps

If you are looking to spend some time away from society in the company of your partner, your family or even alone, we recommend this destination.

The island of Santa Margarita is the largest of the Lerins Islands, off the coast of Cannes, on the French Riviera. It is characterized by its crystal clear waters, its relaxing sea breeze, its beautiful marine pine and eucalyptus trees.

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There you can enjoy a cruise, which leaves daily from the ports of Cannes, Golfe-Juan and Juan-les-Pins, although you can also walk and enjoy the representative gastronomy that the place offers.

Sainte Marguerite Island, Lérins Islands, French Alps

Sainte Marguerite Island, Lérins Islands, French Alps.

Cameron Highlands, Malaysia

This place is ideal for people seeking rest in the countryside, surrounded by forests and tropical environments.

Just a few hours from Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia, is the Cameron Highlands region, a spectacular place to be in nature and enjoy the beautiful landscapes.

There are 14 trails, which you can walk through the refreshing jungles and so you can enjoy a delicious cup of tea. The average temperature of the place is 20 degrees Celsius.

Cameron Highlands, Malaysia

Cameron Highlands, Malaysia.

Marina River, Elba Island, Italy

Last but not least, we present to you the island of Elba, the largest of the Tuscan archipelago, in Italy, which offers spectacular views of the sea and the mountains.

Like the destinations mentioned above, Elba is a contemplative place of rest and disconnection, where you can explore the secret beaches of secret beaches such as Cala delle Alghe or Spiaggia Luisi d’Angelo.

Marina River, Elba Island, Italy

Marina River, Elba Island, Italy.

So, which of the aforementioned ‘hidden gems’ would you like to go to?

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