Toquinho: “With Vinicius it was ten intense years of work, whiskey and fun”


Night of international stars in Talk about something else, for LN+. In the midst of a national tour that is taking him through Córdoba, Posadas, Concordia, Resistencia and San Juan, and which will end next Friday, at 8:30 p.m., at the Gran Rex, the great Brazilian singer-songwriter and guitarist Toquinho makes a break in his busy schedule to chat at length about life, the passionate romance he has with his musical instrument (“the guitar is a part of my body”, he acknowledges) and even sing some songs that the audience requested on social networks to the cycle led by Pablo Sirvén by LN+.

But it is a night of stars, like this in the plural, because the teacher is not alone: the young female voice from Brazil, Camilla Faustino, accompanies him on a couple of songs. And in the distance, and in the memory, the voices and melodies of Vinicius de Moraes, Chico Buarque and María Creuza are added, that he had to postpone his visit to Buenos Aires due to a health problem. “The Gran Rex is a house of many years, since the time of Vinicius”, The interpreter refers to the number of times he appeared in that room on Corrientes Avenue.

Toquiño: “When the public sings the songs, a religious thing is created”

“I stopped the tours for two years due to the pandemic,” he says and, for this reason, he now feels happy to have returned to the ring in such an intense way and incorporating into his route music for Argentina, places that are not so conventional and that await you with great expectation and affection.

“We have many surprises for the Great Rex show,” he says mischievously and without revealing what they are about. “It is very beautiful when the public sings the songs; a religious thing is created -she points out- and I have a lot of fun playing; I like to improvise.”

Are you tired of singing for decades the “hits” that everyone reads? Reply Toquinho: “The songs are renewed every time they are played.”

Your real name is Antonio Peci, but it is “Toquinho, which means small” has always been. And when a guitar fell into his hands when he was very young, he never left it again. “My generation -he informs- was born with great stimuli and at the age of twelve I already knew that I wanted to play the guitar. I always had great teachers. I am not adept at self-education.”

Nothing believes that it is accidental. “Luck comes to those who work and take advantage of situations”, underlines convinced.

Toquinho: “With Vinicius it was ten intense years of work, whiskey and fun”

His meeting with the great poet and musician Vinicius de Moraes marked his life for a decade. More than a thousand performances, about 120 songs and 25 albums upholstered that time of formidable creation and success.

Vinicius would get into the bathtub, always with a drink nearby, a board as a table, and he would spend hours in the water composing. “He came out wrinkled,” laughs Toquinho.

“It was ten intense years of work, whiskey and fun. Vinicius was very humble, he had a lot of vitality and he was always looking for eternal love.” he describes it, while with his guitar he makes a counterpoint with the videos that show him 50 years younger. “He was very generous, but at times he was more son than father,” he details.

Another moment of countless memories for Toquinho is the evocation of La Fusa, the mythical redoubt on Playa Mansa, in Punta del Este, from which an album that he recorded together with Vinicius and María Creuza survives, and that more than half a century after its recording, continues to go around and is highly requested by the public of that time and even for the new generations. The singer Belén Pérez Muñiz, daughter of the creators of that memorable café concert (which also had two versions in Buenos Aires and Mar del Plata), adds to the evocation a valuable testimony.

could not miss talking about the bossa nova that revolutionized the sound in Brazil and it was already a registered trademark. “Joao Gilberto was the creator of bossa nova and we all imitated him”, recognizes Toquinho.

Toquinho: “I am an instrumentalist”

His hands are on his guitar strings all the time, not caring if the cameras are on or not. In the air, he performs a very heartfelt version of “El día que me feliz”, the tango song by Gardel and Le Pera, and after the formal end of the interview he plays a bit of “A media luz”, “Yira yira” and even try giving a bossa nova rhythm to “Cambalache”. “Tango has an incredible force -opinion-, I love it. Music has no borders. but then he says something surprising: “I do not like to listen to music, It disconnects me from my environment.” He says that he prefers to compose it. That when he listens to other people’s melodies, he can’t enjoy himself because he begins to technically analyze each measure.

Then he adds something that is obvious to all of us: “I have a knack for making songs.” But what was not known is that he also does them…even asleep! He confesses that he dreamed a complete theme to which he should not have made the slightest correction when he woke up.

He is excited about a project he is working on for Netflix. “I enjoy being at home – he admits – so the pandemic hasn’t changed me much. At that time I discovered that leisure does not leave you time for anything”. But he also discovered something else: “With the transmission, record companies were left as old white elephants. I think artists have to go where life is.”

Let’s talk about something else is broadcast on Saturdays, at 22, by LN +


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