To have money to travel, is it necessary to save or generate more income?

To have money to travel, is it necessary to save or generate more income?

Traveling is an enriching activity in many ways: it connects us with ourselves, challenges us to improve ourselves, while leading us to bond more deeply with other people and with different cultures. ENOUGH HERE! I could talk ad infinitum about the multiple implications of traveling, but in this post we are going to something very specific: TO TRAVEL YOU NEED MONEY.

Depending on the type of trip, more or less money is needed, a trip in which you go with the family to Disney or to a all inclusive in some top destination in the Caribbean than to grab the backpack and the tent and go to a nearby place for a week, but come on, what money is needed for it anyway.

For example, in Argentina, this is an issue that has a major impact on travelers, since most people’s income at international values ​​is very low; a person who works full time for a basic salary earns around USD 400 per month. So it’s often time to consider How do I raise the money to be able to travel from time to time?

The post asks the question: Should we save more or generate more income? The best answer, as almost always, is IT DEPENDS.

It especially depends on the relationship between income and expenses that one has. If earning USD 400 per month, we have to allocate USD 350 to be able to pay for housing, food, mobility and other expenses, we are left with only USD 50 per month, it will be difficult for us to afford a trip a year with that amount of money; but if earning USD 1,500 per month and analyzing our expenses we discover that we spend USD 500 per month on bullshit things that could be expendable we can, saving that money, put together a nice fund for trips.

I would say that, for those who are earning little, the first action is to increase their income, as we discussed here:

Che, you have to earn more money!

And for those who are making good money, check to see if cutting out a few superfluous expenses can add to your “travel fund.”

Of course there are other solutions, as you yourselves told us in this post (including the option of having a sugar daddy/mommy):

And you who can travel every year, how did you make the twine?

Obviously when we say save we do not mean keeping the bills in a drawer or in a bank account, just recently we discussed some ideas in this post: I booked a hotel in dollars for 9 months, I’m going to do this with the money

And what do you think? To have money to travel, Should we save more or generate more income?

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