Tips to have fun at December parties without having to drink liquor

Tips to have fun at December parties without having to drink liquor

December came with his joy and Santa Claus with his ‘drinker’. For this reason, the last month of the year is the favorite for many since they can rest and spend more time with their families and friends, where normally in their meetings at the end of the year festivities they tend to have a few drinks liquor to celebrate the season.

The liquor has become very traditional in some Colombian homes, since, from the wine of the anchetas, to some good beers, se usually enjoy with good music, accompanied by the traditional Christmas dinner.

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However, there are also traditions and activities that can be enjoyed, without the need to drink liquor to celebrate. That is why an expert delivers four practical tips to keep in mind if you already have that desire to give up alcoholic beverages and also how you can have fun this time of year without having to drink.

Stephen Holt, a professor and director of the Yale Medicine clinic for addicts, says he has noticed a major change in people who give up alcohol, and find a healthier lifestylewhich allows them to find other activities during those parties to have fun and without being in the painful task of consuming this type of drink.

However, you must also have an accompaniment, if your decision is not to do it to overcome willpower. However, the first thing you should keep in mind is that you should plan strategies in advanceif you seem too busy making arrangements for your family to have a good time, won’t give you time to even think about drinkingfor a busy mind will give you the satisfaction of keeping yours satisfied.

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On the other hand, you should find a person who supports you in your decision, although at first it may be annoying, the attitude of this other person,l time to dance or do household chores togetherIt will allow you to spend a completely pleasant time, which will make you forget about drinking completely.

Finally, the expert recommends not letting yourself be overwhelmed by situations that can affect you and encourage you to stay calm and try to do everything with enough time, so you don’t get stressedand stay happy, dance, shout, talk, and fill yourself with reasons to have a good time without even taking a ‘cold’.


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