Tinder, the second most used application by Spaniards

Tinder, the second most used application by Spaniards

Social networks are already part of our daily lives. We use them daily, whether at work, at home or on the subway. And not a short time. Its use has spread in practically all areas of our lives, especially in that of the youngest, who at the same time are the ones who suffer the most from the consequences of addiction or emotional imbalances that can be generated if a good use of them.

Since they arrived at the hands of Mark Zuckerberg and his incipient “platform for friends”, now known as Facebook, the number of social networks that have become popular has not stopped growing. Some have come to stay, like WhatsApp or Instagram, others experienced a boom, but after a while they became residual. Who remembers Snapchat? It was one of the networks that became popular thanks to the selfiesbut that in Spain did not finish curdling.

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Beatriz Beneitez Burgada

What are the most used social networks today? Which ones are stagnant and which ones have grown the most? On which platform do we spend more time? A hint: Facebook survives, TikTok consolidates and Tinder has come to the fore.

IAB Spain

Facebook survives and TikTok consolidates


TikTok is the fastest growing social network in Spain

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WhatsApp has established itself as the most used social network in Spain, followed by Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter, although it is Instagram and Tik Tok that have registered the most significant increase in recent months. Instagram continues to gain followers, especially among women and the youngest: it grows to 66% in 2022 vs. 64% in 2021, with which it manages to match YouTube.

It is revealed by the results of Study of Social Networks 2022 which has been prepared by the advertising and digital communication association IAB Spain, which analyzes the evolution of network penetration, the profile of users, the knowledge and use they make of them or the level of saturation of advertising in the different networks.

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Maria Pombo, Ibai, Dulceida and El Rubius are some of the biggest Spanish influencers

The study also reveals that the accounts that users follow the most are those from their immediate environment, followed by influential peopleand in third position are the brands. In fact, one in two users follows a man of influence. The profiles that follow this type of account the most are women and the youngest (12-16 years and 18-24 years). In addition, the credibility of this type of “influential personalities” is increased. The Alpha Generation, that is, the children who were born in 2010 (who are now 12 years old) is the most in favor of following influential people.

Tinder featured

Neither TikTok nor Instagram, Spaniards spend more time on WhatsApp, Tinder, Spotify and Twitch


Tinder is one of the apps we spend the most time on


The study also reveals that the networks or applications in which users remain the longest are WhatsApp, Tinder, Spotify, Twitch, iVoox, YouTube, TikTok, Discord and Instagram, and that young people between 18 and 24 years of age are the ones who are more connected hours.

Users spend an average of 1.10 hours a day with social networks, a time that represents a slight decrease -about 10 minutes- compared to previous years. TikTok, Tinder, WhatsApp, iVoox, Instagram and Spotify stand out as the platforms that have increased their visit frequency the most. Particularly noteworthy is the increase in Tinder, which is gaining intensity in minutes among its followers.


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