Three hotels with proposals for digital nomads – Argentina

Three hotels with proposals for digital nomads - Argentina

By Micaela Rodriguez.
Photos Micaela Rodriguez.

The remote work it came to stay. Currently, more and more people choose to travel and work at the same timewhich became a new way of doing tourism. While the guests changed their demands, hotels began to optimize their services and provide other types of benefits.

Hotel Sirenuse, New Ostend Y Hotel Castellonare three hotel establishments of different categories, which currently receive digital nomads with an attractive proposal that combines an excellent internet connection, full breakfast, recreation and even tourist tours.

1- Hotel Sirenuse

Located meters from varese beachthis establishment attended by its owners generates the feeling of being hosted in a authentic mountain cabin. “We are finishing a total modification of our Wi-Fi network. Today we are expanding to 100 megabytes throughout the establishment to guarantee the entire internet connection throughout the hotel. We are also installing more electrical connections and transforming spaces that were previously used simply for breakfast, in the afternoon they are available as coworking spaces”, said Giuseppe, owner of the place.

As a novelty in Hotel Sirenussewhich also has rooms of different categories, is that snack is offered free of charge. “We create proposals at the package level to encourage long stays of five or seven nights, offering the digital nomad the storage of a board or a bicycle free of charge and, in addition, a snack included in the rate“.

A single room for a week in promotion for digital nomads, costs 29,940 pesos, while a double room has a value of 38,340 pesos.

2- New Ostend

With a modern and elegant stylethis category hotel it is located in the centermeters from the cathedral of Mar del Plata. In this establishment there are many suitable places to work: the internal patio that also has a strong presence of vegetation, a solarium, two lounges, a cafeteria, the rooms and the balconies. In Nuevo Ostende, a strong investment was made to strengthen the internet connection.

We have more than 300 megs. People can easily connect without any problem in each place of the hotel“, says Brian Chinello, the hotel manager, while noting that “generally 30% of hotel occupancy is from digital nomads“.

For those who choose to work from this hotel, located at Hipólito Yrigoyen 1737, you are offered a 15% discount. This means that a superior room costs 5,400 pesos, a suite 7,100 pesos and a Deluxe room, 9,300 pesos.

3- Hotel Castellon

Located a few blocks from Paseo Aldrey, this hotel offers multiple spaces to work, an excellent internet connection, recreational options such as foosball and ping pongand as if all this were not enough, It also offers discounts to enjoy tourism in the city.

“We changed the entire Wi-Fi network, we put repeaters of the latest technology and this generates that there is good signal throughout the hotel. And now we are about to build a private room for coworking, with a 70-inch screen for video conferences,” highlights Gonzalo, owner of the Hotel Castellón, located at Arenales 2549.

As for the rate, it is very accessible. For digital nomads, the double room costs 6,000 pesos. Besides, there is a 5×7 promotion: you pay for five nights, but on Saturday and Sunday, they host you free of charge. In this establishment there are also agreements with surf schools, bike rentals and trekking activities in Sierra de los Padres.



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