Thor: Love and Thunder | Rumor claims Christian Bale looks terrifying as Gorr the Butcher God

 Thor: Love and Thunder |  Rumor claims Christian Bale looks terrifying as Gorr the Butcher God

Now that Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness – With 88% already following its natural path across the world billboard, it’s time for fans to start thinking about Thor: Love and Thunder. The fourth installment of the God of Thunder promises to change the landscape for the character again, in addition to bringing Jane back as a worthy bearer of Mjölnir. Although all this causes a lot of emotion, what really has everyone attentive is the presentation of Gorr the Butcher God, one of the most interesting villains of the brand and one that, according to new rumors, will be really scary and creepy thanks to an interpretation unparalleled from Christian Bale.

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No one doubts the success of the MCU, but much has been analyzed about the way in which they use certain villains who are very strong in the comics, but who in these adaptations end up being less than a poor shadow of what they once represented in the comics. paper. Ultron, the Mandarin and Ronan the Accuser are just a few examples of the disappointments that fans have had in this regard, and that is that many of these great enemies deserve more than one appearance. Unfortunately, not everyone can have a development as wide as Thanos, but at least one would expect them to have one that is more representative and relevant.

The truth is that when the UCM does its villains well, it does it really well, and the next installment of Thor is expected to join that list of successes that has nothing to do with millionaire box office earnings. In this fourth part, the only one that has been made for any of the original Avengers, the famous God (Chris Hemsworth) will have to face Gorr the Butcher God, an enemy who seeks to destroy all the gods. Taika Waititi put the job in the hands of Christian bale and although a couple of photos of the filming have been leaked, we still do not know how it will look in the final cut, and that is that the first advance does not reveal anything on its part.

It’s getting harder and harder to keep the secrets of this universe, but Marvel keeps trying. Taking a real risk, they took a long time to release the first trailer and although it reveals a lot about the emotional state of the protagonist, it leaves the enemy and his intentions up in the air. The trailer didn’t actually show us anything we didn’t already know about the movie, but it did give us an official look at Jane as Mighty Thor, and fans were more than happy with that.

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Unlike Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, where we didn’t know who the villain would be; or from Spider-Man: No Way Home – 92%, where they took time to confirm the number of enemies to defeat, in Thor: Love and Thunder Gorr was always said to be the dangerous adversary. With so little time before his premiere, maybe it’s time to get excited about what he’ll look like. Christian bale on the paper. You have to remember that Bale is one of the most committed actors in the industry, and while his look can be created with visual effects, his acting work is what will really shape this character.

In the latest episode of John Campea Show (via TheDirect), the insider revealed that he had the opportunity to see exclusive images of Gorr with actress Erin Cummings and Robert Meyer Burnett, director and film expert. Everyone assures that it will be a pleasant surprise for fans because it is “absolutely terrifying.”

We have pictures of Gorr! We have them and we’re not going to share them with people because I got in trouble for that before. And my God! When they see Christian Bale as Gorr, oh my God… because what we saw was totally weird, it’s something out of nightmares.

Cummings commented:

Yes, I saw the photo, and I’ve had nightmares every night since. It’s totally terrifying.

With these comments and the background of Taika Waititi Assuring that Gorr will be the best villain in the MCU so far, expectations are really high. Many have focused on the return of Natalie Portman and even the appearance of the cast of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, which has allowed the production to keep Gorr an absolute secret. Maybe we’ll see some of it in a preview closer to the release date, or maybe they’ll decide to go all out and reveal everything until the film’s premiere.

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