This time yes: we are going to IPW 2022 in Orlando (Florida)

This time yes: we are going to IPW 2022 in Orlando (Florida)

In the first days of June, we will have revenge for something we couldn’t do due to the pandemic. In 2020, we were invited to participate in an IPWthe largest tourism fair that is carried out with service providers USA.

On that occasion, the fair was suspended for obvious reasons and was only held in 2021, but for Argentines, September was very complicated due to the low number of flights, tests, quarantines in hotels upon return and everything we know and have suffered the Travellers.

This year, luckily, it seems that things are loosening up and we will be able to attend. It will take place in one of the cities well known by tourists from all over the world: orlando in florida.

Undoubtedly going is a great pleasure and we do not want to stop thanking all the people, companies and colleagues who support us in this adventure.

As an example, we will take the ASSIST 365 coverage with the additional COVID and technology insurance. Remember that you can hire travel assistance with a 5% discount using the code INFO5.

Internal flights within Argentina (remember that we live in Mar del Plata) are taken out with BBVA points from the new program. For more details, you can go to the post How to issue national tickets using BBVA points (step by step) with the details of that issue.

Then we have to move from Aeroparque to Ezeiza. To do something different, we will go on the buses of Tienda León and, in this way, we will be able to tell in detail the services it currently provides.

This time we will fly to Orlando with United Airlines via Houston. We will make the stories of the flights, as well as your VIP lounge at the Houston airport. Let us remember that United is celebrating its 30 years flying to Argentina.

Remember that to travel to the United States we need to take an antigen test. In our case, we will do it the day before the flight at the AC Laboratories in the city of Mar del Plata. The cost of the test is AR$ 2,600.

And finally, even if you don’t know it, many of you as readers are helping us with the selfless contributions that you sent us by sending “Cafecitos”.

We will already be showing you this trip on our social networks and there will be a lot of content for both the blog and our YouTube channel.

Simply thank you all!

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