This spectacular cove in a luxury enclave could be your vacation destination this summer

This spectacular cove in a luxury enclave could be your vacation destination this summer

The The Balearic Islands are in fashion, they are the luxury enclave in the Mediterranean that you can discover in first person thanks to this summer. It is not necessary to travel thousands of kilometers away to discover a spectacular cove. Worthy of the Caribbean, with crystal clear waters and white sand, it has everything necessary to make us enjoy a day at the beach in full disconnection from day to day. Cala Torta is in Mallorca and it is a luxury enclave for a little money that you should discover.

This is the luxury enclave that could be your holiday destination, a spectacular cove

The spectacular Cala Torta is located in the heart of the natural park, a place worth discovering. When we think of Mallorca or any of the Balearic Islands, the best of the Mediterranean comes to mind, a place full of magic, but, above all, an unprecedented natural space.

This island has everything necessary to allow us to discover Nature by itself. A few meters of cove framed by cliffs very typical of this area of ​​the Mediterranean. The best thing about this sea is the natural forms it creates when it bursts onto the land, typical of Mallorca and any other island in the area.

The sound of water is one of the small pleasures of humanity. We can discover it with the help of a walk through Cala Torta. See, but above all, listen to these cliffs of different sizes. Check the force of the water in its fight against some rocks that will emit a peculiar sound. From this cove we can relax with this background music.

The best thing about these coves located in Mallorca is that they are not overcrowded. They are not beaches full of people where we cannot even move. On the contrary, they are corners with fewer people, which offer limited access. We can walk through the natural park to Cala Torta and turn this experience of going to the beach into a little pleasure in every way.

Only ten kilometers from the city of Artà we will discover a spectacular cove located in a luxury enclave. We make sure of this distance and with an access that we can only do on foot or by bicycle, total peace of mind. It is an ideal type of cove to disconnect from the stress of everyday life and connect with nature. We will discover a small part of Mallorca in its purest form at the hands of Cala Torta.


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