This Is The Only Brand That Supported Johnny Depp During The Amber Heard Scandal – Movie News

This Is The Only Brand That Supported Johnny Depp During The Amber Heard Scandal - Movie News

do you know her This multi-million dollar brand was the only one who believed in the innocence of Johnny Depp, despite the fact that Disney and Warner Bros. withdrew all contracts for future film productions.

Johnny Depp’s life took a 360-degree turn a couple of years ago. From being the favorite man in the entire United States, he went on to be booked as an aggressor after his partner, Amber Heard, narrate for him Washington Post the domestic violence of which he was a victim by the interpreter of Pirates of the Caribbean.

The trial that Depp initiated for defamation against his ex-wife has had many revelations about the kind of relationship that the couple had, marked by violence, addictions and behavioral problems for both. The court is still hearing testimony from Heard, who was the second to testify.

Johnny Depp has managed to change the discourse of public opinion following his lawsuit against Amber Heard for defamation.

Depp managed to change the attitude of public opinion, as he defended his version with evidence and now the comments have leaned in his favor. In fact, not long ago, inappropriate merchandise emerged about the trial, which pointed to Amber Heard as the culprit and the villain of the whole thing..

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In a new show of affection from fans towards Depp, The supposed gratitude of the fandom towards the Dior brand has gone viralwho did not cancel the marketing campaign they had with him for the fragrance sauvage. This despite the fact that Disney and Warner Bros. canceled their contracts for the sixth film of Pirates of the Caribbean and Fantastic Beasts, respectively.

In the message of the tweet above you can read “I went shopping today and saw that Johnny Depp is not cancelled. #Thank God for standing by him. I hope he is having a good week this man, he is still going strong despite what he has been through.”.

The messages of thanks bear the hashtag #GraciasDior.

In fact, during the trial, the sister of whoever played Jack Sparrow in Pirates of the Caribbean (which you can see in Disney Plus)stated that Amber Heard had been elated when she found out about Depp’s possible campaign with Dior: “Dior? Why would Dior want to make a deal with you? They have class and style, and you don’t.”told the actress Aquaman to his then partner.

Likewise, the hashtag #JusticiaParaJohnnyDepp has stood out on social networks with every news item regarding the trial. Not long ago, on TikTok, a boy went viral for reenacting Heard’s dialogue in court; the account where the video was shown was one that declared itself a supporter of the actor. Do you think Dior’s gesture towards Johnny Depp is correct?


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