This is the dark and stormy past of “La India María” that hardly anyone knows

This is the dark and stormy past of

In the lists that portray the legacy art left by the Golden Cinema era in Mexico, there are several names that are written in gold letters, and precisely one of them is that of Maria Elena Velasco, better known as “India Maria”.

The actress from Puebla was known at the international by the stage name of India María due to the success of the homonymous character she had played, she was a leading actress, comedian, singer-songwriter, dancerMexican screenwriter and filmmaker.

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María Elena Velasco and her transformation to “La India María”

It is known that “La India María” from an early age was interested in belonging to the world of show and it succeeded, although at the beginning it was not as we know it, but rather it began as showgirl and radio actress.

Some first Tapes in which María Elena Velasco appeared acting were “Ruletero at full speed” (1962), “The King of the tomato” (1963), “Mexico of my memories (1963), “The rights of the children” (1963) , among others.

The life of “La India María” before fame

It is known that the character Maria Nicholas Cruzbetter known as “La India María”, broke the barriers of success and was one of the most beloved in Mexico, as she was an indigenous woman mexican which was said to be originally from San José de los Burros and its clothing was resembled much like that of a Mazahua woman, in addition the character created by María Elena Velasco was nice and even tender.

Despite the fact that “La India María” was a comic character full of light, the truth is that before interpret it María Elena Velasco had a dark past full of torment and lack.

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The dark past of María Elena Velasco

It is known that the actress comedy was born in the state of Puebla on December 17, 1939 and that from an early age she felt attracted to the artistic world, especially to the world of acting and dance.

It is worth remembering that the famous woman began as a star, this after her father (who was a railway mechanic) died in the 1960s of an infection in the aorta when she was a teenager and had 4 brothers. little onesso María Elena became the support head of his family.

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After the death of her father, María Elena found herself in the need to look for alternatives to earn more income, and it is known that at that time she suffered a lot, especially because they were years in which women had little opening employment and if they had it was limited.

It was in those years in which María Elena Velasco had to bring bread home that the then young actress decided to start working as a dancerso that after a short time the famous began to stand out as showgirl in different theaters of the city, work that several years later the would approach to the acting industry.



La India María: This was the terrible disease that took the life of María Elena Velasco



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