They recover in a first phase the Socialist Sports and Recreation Complex of Guaicaipuro – Yvke Mundial

They recover in a first phase the Socialist Sports and Recreation Complex of Guaicaipuro - Yvke Mundial

After the first phase of recovery of the “Frank Gil” Socialist Sports and Recreation Complex will culminate, the Mayor’s Office of the Bolivarian Municipality of Guaicaipuro delivered the space to the citizens.

During the act, Mayor Farith Fraija explained that in this first phase the multipurpose field and the ground floor for the practice of combat sports were remodeled, as well as the internal network for the internet service, in addition to the conditioning of the administrative offices and the initial rehabilitation of the façade.

Accompanied by the president of the Municipal Autonomous Institute of Sport, Youth and Recreation (Imdejurguaica), Tulio Cobos, the mayor toured the completed areas and reiterated the commitment of the local government to rescue the sports spaces of Guaicaipuro.

«We are giving back to the city, two spaces for the strengthening of sports policies such as this complex, as well as the Municipal Sports Institute. We are going to begin to recover the place that the Guaicaipuro municipality has always had in each of the national and international competitions,” Fraija said.

For his part, Tulio Cobos expressed his satisfaction and affirmed that “after four years, we can finally open the doors of this complex where I was trained and where this next generation will now be training. We will continue working to recover 100% of these facilities in favor of sports development.

Frank Gil Junior, son of a former sports teacher whose complex bears his name, expressed pride because “this will continue to guarantee sports and recreation in the town, thus training our young people to be that golden generation and represent us.” in each competition, leaving the municipality always high.

Also present at the activity were the Secretary (E) of the Government; Darwin Jaramillo, the secretary of Territorial Policies, Yenderth Alcalá, of Social Development, Dailyn Mota and Eng. Néstor Cavalieri of the Right to the City; in addition to councilors Arianna Araujo, Sulimar Rengifo; Odalis Méndez and Francisco Bertancour; youth of youth and athletes

T and F/Press Mayor’s Office of Guaicaipuro


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