They left everything to go from Ushuaia to Alaska in a motorhome – Night Shift

They left everything to go from Ushuaia to Alaska in a motorhome - Night Shift

Gisella and Gabriel are a couple from Santa Fe who decided to leave the life they had in Ushuaia to arrive with their two children in a motorhome to Alaska.

“It was a trip that we had planned a long time ago, a dream. The quarantine made us click. We lost our jobs and decided to buy the truck, make a motorhome and be able to go out and see what we wanted,” the woman said about the adventure who live with their son Marco (15) and Tiziano (8).

The oldest was the one who had the hardest time, because he had his friends in the city in the south of the country. However, he began to enjoy it and accompanied his parents on the adventure. “The youngest is happy with life with everything he knows,” he said.

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The little ones do “home school” in a school in the United States for which they pay 400 dollars a year.

The couple began the journey on February 14 and will be in Santa Fe for a month to fix the truck and polish details.

To subsist on a day-to-day basis, they said that they sell bracelets, handicrafts and other things, while Gabriel repairs washing machines and appliances.

“We are deciding on a day-to-day basis. Every day is a different adventure and there are new things, good and bad. We always try to be with the family and appreciate the good things, treasure them. The bad ones we say will pass and we discard them” , he reflected.

Gabriel related that in his family they are told that they are “crazy, but fine”, because they support them. They even helped them recycle the motorhome, which they named “La Nena.”

“We meet many people, cultures. We went to La Quiaca, we passed through Bolivia and there are other cultures, other customs. Even in our country it also happens. One wants to leave that treasure to our children. Life is today, we are young and we have the strength and the desire to give our children this, which is not so much material but to show them freedom and what the world is,” he said.

“Night Shift” interview.


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