They have a disability, they were going to play a World Cup and they cannot travel because an agency would have scammed them

They have a disability, they were going to play a World Cup and they cannot travel because an agency would have scammed them

In 2017, the Pumpas XV, the first team of inclusive rugby of Argentina, won the world of that sport in the Mixed Ability modality (in which teams made up of people with and without intellectual disabilities participate). Three years later, in 2020, it was stipulated that they defend their title in Ireland, but the Covid-19 pandemic scuppered that possibility until this year.

Nevertheless, 20 days after travelling, 11 people of the more than 80 that make up the Argentine delegation do not know if they will be able to go because they still do not have the tickets that they paid to an agency more than two years ago.

“As in 2020 we had the World Cup in Ireland, I talked to the boys’ families so they could buy the tickets. From the agency championship tours They asked us for an advance and told us to pay in dollars. Some gave advances of US$150, US$300 or US$400, and some paid the entire ticket, which at the time was US$1,600. Finally, at the end of February, I told them that we were not going and 10 days later the Government declared the pandemic, but the agency told us not to worry about it because the money was going to be available, “he said in dialogue with THE NATION Daniel Fernández, president of the Argentine Foundation for Inclusive Rugby and father of one of the boys.

But, when last year they had confirmation that the contest was finally going to be held in 2022 and they called the agency, they were told that there were not many flights and that the tickets had risen to US$2,000. However, they knew from another team that was traveling that the values ​​were lower, so they asked for the refund of the money in the case of the advances and that those who had paid everything be issued the tickets. In all, the agency had more than $40,000 of them.

“We had mediations with lawyers and the last thing they had said was that they were going to give the ticket to the 11 people who had paid it in full, four who are players and six companions. But in 20 days we are going to the World Cup and they did not return the money or issue any ticket”, he claimed. Those who had not managed to pay the entire ticket hired him elsewhere, without the deposit money.


The World Cup is from June 5 to 10 and the delegation travels from June 2 to 13. It is made up of three teams Pumpas XV, MARAS XV and South America XV.

THE NATION tried to contact Championship Tours at the telephone number that appears on the website of the Ministry of Tourism and Sports and could not be contacted because the number does not correspond to a subscriber in service.

Meanwhile, from the portfolio headed by Matías Lammens, they said that the agency is not suspended, although it did receive a complaint in 2020. In the last three years, 12 agencies were suspended for violations related to travel rescheduling pending due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Of those 12, four have the final discharge.


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