They fired almost 90 shots at two buses and are investigating a conflict between companies

They fired almost 90 shots at two buses and are investigating a conflict between companies

Photo: Ministry of Security Press

Two long-distance buses that transported passengers who had made purchases in the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Flores they received about 90 bullets when they were driving on route 2between the towns of Lezama and Castelli, and were attacked from a truck, without causing injuries, in the framework of what is believed to be a conflict between organizers of shopping tours, police and judicial sources reported.

One of the attacks was recorded around 9:30 p.m. on kilometer 130 of Provincial Route 2, between the towns of Chascomús and Lezama, while the second occurred at approximately 10:10 p.m., about 40 kilometers from the first episode, already in Castelli. .

According to sources, two long-distance buses from the “Microsur” company, each with 22 passengers on boardwere attacked with bullets by a group of men who were driving in a truck that, according to witnesses, was a white Toyota or Ford Ranger.

Prosecutor Jonatan Roberts, in charge of the Functional Instruction Unit (UFI) 10 of Chascomús, confirmed to Télam that the shots “received 44 shots each”, according to the expertise carried out this morning by the Scientific Police.

“A small caliber was used, which could be .22 inches or 6.35 millimeters,” added the judicial investigator.

Photo Press Ministry of Security
Photo: Ministry of Security Press

The attacks took place at the rear of both micros, where the motor is locatedand one of the shots hit a windshield, possibly the product of a ricochet, he explained.

“No injuries were reported”Roberts said when referring to the passengers and drivers who returned to the city of Mar del Plata after making purchases at fairs in the Flores area of ​​Buenos Aires.

According to the testimonial statement of the drivers, both groups were returning to the seaside resort from the shopping center that operates on Avellaneda Avenue in the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Flores.

hypothesis and research

Although at first it was suspected that it had been an attempted robbery, the investigation is now oriented towards the hypothesis of an attack related to an intern between organizers of those shopping tours by the bus companies that contract to carry out those trips to the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires and to fairs in the suburbs.

“We are waiting for the owners or references of the bus company to show up to find out if the trip was organized by them or by a third person,” said the representative of the Public Prosecutor’s Office.

Oscar, one of the four partners of the Microsur company, a native of Mar del Plata, told Télam that they “do not organize the trips” but rather rent the buses to a woman named Marianela, who promotes the tours and rents the units.

“We never received a threat,” said the man, who added that his function within the company is to supervise that the buses leave the route in good condition.

Both groups were returning to Mar del Plata from the shopping center that operates in the Flores neighborhood.
Both groups were returning to Mar del Plata from the shopping center that operates in the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Flores.

“The drivers declared that they were not threatened prior to the trip and did not notice anything strange during the trip,” said an investigator consulted.

For his part, Carlos Aranciaga, director of Civil Defense of Castelli, told Télam that “some affirm that the tour company, which is from Mar del Plata and takes people to buy clothes in Flores, subcontracted to a bus company, but then he left her and started working with other people”, so the attack would be “a retaliation”.


“Although, luckily, there were no casualties, we deployed a police operation to help the people who were left adrift on the route because the groups were stranded,” said Aranciaga, who explained that the municipality of Castelli assisted some 70 people “so that they are not left adrift in the cold.”

In this way, a shelter was set up in the municipal sports center, where the majority of the passengers remained until 7 am today, when their relatives went to look for them in private cars, added the spokesman.

For her part, Cintia, a passenger on one of the buses shot, said that lived “a nightmare” and that what happened was “crazy”while assuring that there is a “very large internal” between transport companies that take people from the city of Mar del Plata to the Federal Capital to make purchases, which he described as “a mafia.”

“We came back from shopping, it’s a shopping tour company, one of the best in Mar del Plata. One bus received 45 shots and the other 43. There were about 90 shots, crazy,” Cintia told the Todo Noticias channel.

The shots were directly aimed at the engine of both shots.
The shots were directed directly at the engine of both vehicles.

The woman recognized that the company “Microsur”, a native of Mar del Plata, has been operating for 18 years and that the purpose of the aggressors was to “intimidate” its owner.

“Here (in Mar del Plata) there is a very large internship with other companies. The company has been working for 18 years and the truth is that it does it very well and I think it is annoying,” he considered.

Finally, he added that the owner had previously suffered “false complaints” as a result of which, among other things, the buses were hijacked.

“The shopping trip system after the pandemic became very complex. It’s a mafia”the woman concluded.

Prosecutor Roberts has already requested the images from the security cameras on the highway and took statements from the drivers of both michos, their two assistants and the 22 passengers.

“No hypothesis is ruled out, although the robbery theory is complex because they did not try to stop the buses or threaten the drivers,” an investigator detailed.

The same investigation added that it does not rule out that the attackers have hidden the truck in a field on the side of Provincial Route 2 with the aim of “cooling it”, that is, not using it during the first hours after the fact and thus not being located by the police.

Meanwhile, the spokesman added that the bus company “Microsur” is being investigated last night when it was attacked by three other units when they were a few kilometers from arriving in Mar del Plata, which has not yet been confirmed by the Justice Department.


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