They do not let a British couple get on the plane to travel to Ibiza because of Brexit

They do not let a British couple get on the plane to travel to Ibiza because of Brexit

A English couple who intended to fly to Ibiza at the end of April to celebrate your wedding anniversary stood at the gate without being able to access the Ryanair plane that was going to take them to the island for a clause that entered into force after the split of United Kingdom of the EU and that not many citizens know.

According to the newspaper Express, Caroline and Dan (who also planned to celebrate his 40th birthday in Ibiza) were at London’s Stansted airport, after having checked in online without detecting any problem.

But when they were about to board, Ryanair explained to Caroline that she would not be able to travel to Ibiza for problems with your passportdespite being in force since it expires in March 2023.

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What this passenger did not know is that since the United Kingdom left the EU, both parties accepted a Brexit clause that came into force last January by which Europe may not allow the entry of Britons not only if their passports have less than six months to liveas is the case with any other country, but also if you have more than ten years of validity. In Caroline’s case, her passport was issued in June 2012 and expires in March 2023, so her validity exceeds 10 years. This situation occurred because the last time he renewed his document before the scheduled date because, 10 years ago, he married her husband and wanted his last name to appear, Smith, so two more months were added. to validity.

The affected has explained to the Daily Mail that the situation that was found in front of the Ryanair boarding gate “It was a nightmare” and that he completely ignored this new clause.



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