They are looking for a Cuban who defrauded Bahienses with a trip to the Caribbean


While the complaints against him are added, the Police are trying to find the whereabouts of a Cuban who lived in this city and left Argentina after apparently defrauding 20 people by charging for a trip to the Caribbean that did not materialize.

The two victims from Bahia who have so far denounced Yuniel Michel Guerra Fonseca, declared that they paid approximately “1,300 dollars” each for a tourist package with a stay in Punta Cana, although after the trip was postponed on more than one occasion, the suspect disappeared with the money.

A source close to the investigation confirmed that the accused “left the country through the border with Chile” and it is still unknown where he is, but for the moment he is not considered a fugitive from Justice.

The false tour operator, who presented himself to the victims as a representative of the Havanatur Argentina SA travel agency, was domiciled in an apartment in the building located at Martiniano Rodríguez 135, in Bahía Blanca.

The economic damage, eventually to the detriment of the twenty possible defrauded, would exceed 5,100,000 pesos.

The prosecutor in the case, Marcelo Romero Jardín, in charge of the Functional Unit of Instruction and Trial No. 8, ordered measures but they were not disclosed so as not to hinder the investigation.

“There are several defrauded and for me there are criminal indications. Havanatur said that he (by Guerra Fonseca) does not belong to the company and that he is unaware of his contracts,” reported a spokesman for the local Public Prosecutor’s Office.

The origin of the investigation

On Saturday the 9th of this month, a resident of Bahía Blanca had filed the complaint that gave rise to the investigation, as he was affected by the scam together with his family group, in the company of whom he planned to travel to the coastal destination in the Dominican Republic.

Three days later, another woman from Bahia, who would be part of the same contingent with which the first complainant was going to travel, also denounced the Cuban for the fraud and yesterday testified at UFIJ No. 2.

The woman reported that she contacted Guerra Fonseca through a friend registered to make the trip, who had previously traveled to Cuba with the named.

“I signed the contract at my home and paid him at that time. Later I learned that several people in the group made the complaint on the same day, April 9, when he sent us the last message telling us that the trip was suspended until further notice,” told the 78-year-old complainant.

“That’s why we called the hotel in Punta Cana and found out that there was no reservation. Later we contacted Havanatur and they told us that, although this person had worked with them, he no longer belongs to that company,” he added.

“The agency employee only gave us that information. Up until that moment (Guerra Fonseca) he lived in Bahía Blanca and had already made this type of trip, that’s why he didn’t raise any suspicions in me,” concluded the victim.

Prosecutor Diego Conti, of the Functional Unit of Instruction and Trial No. 2, forwarded the actions related to this latest complaint to UFIJ No. 8 as a result of “existing objective and subjective identity” between both cases.

“It is the same event and the same victims, that is why the two cases must be processed jointly,” explained another informant.



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