They appealed to carpool to not travel by bus from Rafaela to Rosario

They appealed to carpool to not travel by bus from Rafaela to Rosario

Carpool is called the network of people who share car rides to cut costs making an equitable division of expenses among the travelers or an agreed contribution. Appealing to that application or to the same dynamic, the private Facebook group was created in December 2011 “I am traveling or returning to/from/to Rafaela-Rosario!”. It has more than 700 members and in its presentation it expresses: “ If you want to travel to or from Rafaela and avoid Güemes, post your desperate request here. If you have a car and you travel from Rosario to Rafaela or vice versa, you can post the number of seats you have free and maybe you can win companions and share expenses.” They assure that it is faster, more comfortable and safer.

Aldana is a doctor, she is 30 years old and lives in Rafaela, and Jorge, 58, is an accountant and traveler, from Sunchales, both have taken and brought passengers from the towns where they live, to dodge ride on the only company that offers the service on route 34, at $1200 a ticket. The company was publicly denounced last Sunday when a car from its fleet left with cardboard in the windows. She justified it by saying that all the windows had been smashed with stones.

After two years of not traveling on the Güemes for having a lousy service, I decided to post the outbound and return trips on the Carpoolear app well in advance so people could see and organize themselves: I put the schedule and whether or not they could bring pets and how many bags they can travel with. I usually carry three or four passengers, because I have a Partner, quite comfortable,” says Aldana, who assures that the journey takes about three hours “at most”, a period that is easily exceeded by the bus company.

The young woman explained that she picks up the travelers or sets “comfortable” meeting points and charges each one about $1,000. She says the expenses are shared: $3,500 fuel plus $500 toll, each way.

He acknowledges that sometimes he has not managed to cover them, but prefer this option to getting into a car in “bad condition, dirtywhich does not offer comfort to get the tickets and that most of the time it does not arrive on time”.

door to door service

Jorge, who completed his university studies at the National University of Rosario (UNR) in the 1980s and currently travels frequently to Rosario because he has relatives living in the city, assures that “always” suffered trips in the Güemes. That is why he decided to join the Facebook page as a driver and says that in general the travelers are students or relatives of those who live at one or the other end of the destination.

“The trip for a medium-sized car, round trip, costs $8,000, between tolls and fuel. If you take about four people, the ticket for each one is the same as the bus ticket or at most about $300 more. But the advantages are innumerable: heating or air conditioning, seat belt and, if possible, I leave them close to where they are going and even at the door of the destination. From Rafaela to Rosario we arrive in two and a half hoursagainst four and even five of the collective, nonsense,” he said.

Following the reports and complaints against the company that were added last Monday, a day after unit 7 of the fleet, a reinforcement at 6:47 p.m., left for Rafaela with cardboard instead of glassthe secretary of Transport of the province, Osvaldo MiatelloHe said that the incident was under investigation and that the company could be finedwhich could range from a fine to termination of service.

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From the company they defended themselves from zero hour arguing that they appealed to the cartons because they come suffering stones on the units when they are traveling. In fact, they assured that the last two episodes occurred just hours after the complaints, in the Circunvalación area and Rucci neighborhood.

In any case, Miatello advanced that there are two different situations that are at stake. One would be the bad service that many passengers have been denouncing for a long time, to the point that they created the page “General Güemes Company-angry users” where they poured their complaints with images, videos and memes. Another would be the exit to the route with cardboard in the windows. “Something that cannot happen, the other is serious, but it is a security issue in which the corresponding area works,” the provincial official remarked.


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